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Changing DNS Server to Speed Up Your Internet

Most of the internet users think that speed of their internet connection merely depends on bandwidth or transfer rate they are getting from their internet service provider. We want to tell you it is not true at all because there are dozens of other factors that also counts for enjoying fastest internet speed and DNS server is one of them. Basically, when a user enters a website address in the web browser, the system sends a lookup request to a DNS name server to find out the IP address of the server hosting the website linked with that domain name. The same happens when the users use any other internet related thing like an email client, online messaging services or …

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How To Open Blocked Sites In Pakistan Without Any Software

Although YouTube got a green signal by Government of Pakistan and Pakistan Telecommunication Authority a few months ago still many websites are blocked in Pakistan. We will like to make it clear that we are not talking about adult and pornography sites only. There are hundreds of social, entertainments, music, movies, and foreign news channels sites that are blocked by PTA as per the direction of Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Information and Technology. There are multiple ways to open the all type of blocked websites in Pakistan. First of all, there was proxy software then comes the proxy server and online proxy websites that have made it easy for the internet users to get an easy and free …

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PTCL DNS server IP address settings to Free fastest DNS

As we know that PTCL is known for its bad reputation about low quality dns servers. This causes slow speed in response time for surfing website and PTCL DNS server not responding Even the worst most of the time we can’t open a single website using ptcl dns server. This is when the frustration is on its peak. Most of the tech geeks advise their mates and company staff to use open dns or Google dns for web browsing and avoid using ptcl default DNS services. PTCL Broadband Primary and Secondary DNS. That’s why I would like to tell you how to change your default dns services this is very simple all you need to do is change your TCP …

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