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Kamran Khan Joined Dunya Media Group After Resigning From BOL

Due to Axact Fake Degrees Scandal, Kamran Khan resigned from BOL and the latest news are suggesting that Kamran Khan has joined back Geo News were rumors. Kamran Khan was appointed President and Editor in Chief of BOL TV and after the fake degree scam was unveiled by New York Times report, he and many other journalists resigned from BOL TV. Reportedly, negotiations between Kamran Khan and Geo management were going on even before Kamran Khan had resigned from BOL and now that the negotiations are successful, but Kamran Khan has joined Dunya Media Group. On the other hand Shoaib Ahmad Shaikh has accepted the charges in FIA interrogations and he revealed that all around the globe 147 people were sold …

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Launch of BOL News Channal Delayed

  BOL is an upcoming news channel and it has created sensations among all news channels of the country before even its test transmission. CEO of BOL Network has promised the nation that they will change the way traditional news channels are working. BOL Network has offered some extra ordinary packages to the anchors and really have broke market rates. Everyone person related to news channel is trying his or her level best to join BOL.

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BOL TV Attempting to Turn Around Pakistani Media

A new TV channel “BOL” is offering high salaries to journalists and those anchors that are very famous. For instance Kamran Khan, Talat Hussain, Shahzeb Khanzada, Jasmine Manzoor and many other big names are in the list. BOL channel’s website shows that Malik Riaz is the owner of this channel and everyone knows how much money does this property tycoon Malik Riaz can throw to get what he wants. Famous newscasters Ayesha Bakhsh and Junaid Ahmad are also on this list. Famous anchors like named above are offered up to 1 Crore monthly salary. BOL television’s licence was held back by the court and soon a verdict is going to be given on this decision. According to some sources, a …

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