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Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed Wedding Pics and Videos

The gorgeous Urwa Hocane finally wedded Farhan Saeed after the engagement that was held last month in front of Eiffel Tower, Paris. Last month when the couple was enjoying their winter holidays they got engaged in front of Eiffel Tower when Farhan Saeed proposed Urwa Hocane.

The Nikah ceremony was held in Badshahi Mosque in which close family members, relatives and some friends of both were invited. The wedding starts with Mehndi and Dholkis events that were attended by both with all entertainment zeal and enthusiasm.

The couple is optimistic about their long living relationship as they have not entered into relationship suddenly. For past many years, they were enjoying a close relationship, and that relationship takes a new turn in last month engagement and now has found the destination in the shape of the wedding.

Here are the pics that we would like to share with the fans of Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed.

Farhan Saeed & Urwa Hocane Wedding Pictures

Bae is married 😍👰🏻💍#urwafarhan #bestfriendswedding #gameover #princessmoment #mashallah

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