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Telenor Likely to Acquire Wateen Telecom

The year 2016 came with the massive acquisitions, mergers and partnership across the globe. Pakistani business industry has also been going through this as well. According to the latest news, Telenor is holding talks with Wateen Telecom to acquire, which will help the Pakistan arm of Norwegian cellular company to offer high-speed data services in the country as recently the cellular company has started 4g service.

It counts to mention here that both Mobilink and Telenor are separately holding meetings with Wateen, but nothing has been finalized as of yet.

“We know we have to move to the next stage of services, as there is high demand of 4G in the country, for which we need one of fastest IT services,” one of the officials of Telenor said. According to sources the potential likely to occur pact with one of leading telecom companies in Pakistan, Wateen, was designed in Oslo. Sources also claimed that everything had been discussed, and only the official response by Wateen is on the waiting list.

Telenor has been already spent a massive cost in term of 850MHz spectrum and new launch of 4G network. This acquisition will be another highest investment by Telenor that will make its place in top three cellular companies in Pakistan.

“We want to give our customers better experience, besides being fair, which is why we had started reimbursing them for call drops,” one of the officials of Telenor said.

Why Telenor is Interested in Wateen?

The Abu Dhabi-based telecommunication company, Wateen, is one of the largest fiber optic networks in Pakistan. It provides the solutions for internet, multimedia, voice and enterprise solutions. It will help out Telenor to take it 4G service to the maximum number of cities across the country.

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