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Eid al-Fitr 2016 in Pakistan – Things to Do to Make Eid Remarkable

  • At one side the month Ramadan brings blessing and give use the opportunity to come close to Almighty Allah and at the other end there comes Eid al-Fitr that is the reward by Allah to his believer against their struggle in Ramadan they did to seek the blessing of their Owner. Most of using few with certain traditions that we regularly do on Eid and that is eaten, eat and only eat, but if you are looking for something great to make great, then we have few ideas for Eid eve and Eid day.

    1. Clean and Decorate the Home4c65rflj8sia35anfea3j984t4138355.jpg-final

    Often the women of the house clean and decorate the house before the men return from Eid prayers. Try to wake up early on Eid morning and help your mom and sis to make the house as sparkling clean as you can.

    2. Give Zakat al-Fitr to Needy Persons2721834618-8x6

    Time for paying Zakat al-Fitr or Fitrana start from first Ramadan, and it is Wajib to pay before the commencement of Eid prayer. Give Fitrana to needy persons first and then go for Eid prayer.

    3. Exchange Gifts with FriendsEid-Al-Fitr-Gifts-Cards-Collection1-1024x716

    Meeting friends and relatives especially the old one is an important tradition of this day. You can make this remarkable by exchanging some gifts.

    4. Give Eidi to Kids180106

    Even if you have no job till date still gives the Eidi to the child. If you have no collection in advanced, then you have to part with what you have got from your father, mother or elder brothers and sisters as n Eidi.

    5. Make Special FoodPopularity-Of-Pakistani-Food-All-Over-The-World

    Eid al-Fitr is incomplete with Seviyan but adds some more fun and tries additional special food like biryani, chicken, meat, dal farai, etc.

    6. Visit a Hospital or Orphanagevisit sick

    This day must also be celebrated with those who can’t celebrate this day. Pay a visit to hospital and orphanage. Take some gifts or sweets with you, distribute them and extend your wishes.

    7. Plan a Trip to An Amusement Parkamusement-park-usc-web

    If the place or city you are living has a special park, then visit that, and if there is no special park, then you can visit the famous and historical places of your area.

    8. Arrange a Small Party in Eid Eveimg_0405

    Invite some friends and relatives and have fun at home. Planning for a trip is also a good idea, but you will enjoy more in the case of arranging a party at home.

    9. Watch Movie at Cinema or Mini Cinema at Hometop-10-pakistani-movise-2016

    This year many Pakistani movies will be released on Eid. Make a plan with your friends or family and go for a late night show.

    10. Record Eid Day Eventskqsnnzjp6n4lfqookn0l

    Do forget to record what you have done all the day. Keeping written record will be boring. However, you can go for selfies and group photos of every moment and event you enjoyed during Eid.

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