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U-Block, Block Unwated Calls and SMS

It gets very frustrating when somebody starts sending you annoying messages and you can’t do anything about it. In our society specially girls are being sent some very ill mannered messages in which they are being teased or threatened or teasing calls are made on numbers during nights which disturbs the whole family. Nowadays telecom companies have introduced many packages of SMS’s and calls which allows it users to call any number of their network without any restriction and charges. Such packages are being misused by many for just fun. The users make random calls on random numbers and tires flirting on these numbers by sending romantic messages which gets annoying for the receiver plus mentally disturbs the user. In order to get rid of such calls Pakistan telecommunication authority has come up with a service with the help of which one gets able to stop calls and messages from the numbers which he or she wants.  To get this service all one have to do to block unwanted calls and SMS from any number, just  dial 420 from your Ufone number. Call to 420 will be charged 10 Paisa + tax per minute and when you are subscribed to the service then service charges per week are  Rs. 3.75 + tax. Remember all the offer explained above is for Ufone only. So its very easy for the Ufone users to block the unwanted annoying messages  and calls whether these are flirty or threatening are you have to do is to dial 420. Forward this information to as many people possible because by this service many will be relieved from unwanted calls. Indeed a nice step by Pakistan telecommunication Authority and Ufone.


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