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Laila Arrested in fake check case

Pakistani Actress Laila Arrested in Fake Check Case

Laila is a Lollywood babe, who has less to do with quality roles and more with useless news. This time she has to see jail in a fraud case. It is defiantly a shame for a well-known artist like her to go to police station in such cases.
Laila actually gave a 22 Lac check to a producer known as Sheikh Naeem, which was dishonored in the bank afterwards. Sheikh Naeem lodged it’s complain in police station recently and thus police had to take action against her. Police captured her from a Multan hotel, where she went for some kind of performance on Thursday, 13th June 2013.
In Laila’s opinion, Shaikh has plotted against her to defame such an actor. She further stated that she would take the revenge for this type of disgrace.
Sheikh Naeem and Laila have compromised with each other now and therefore the actress is now out from jail now. There are certain people from film and television industry involved in the release of Laila from the prison.

The bank of Multan bounced Laila’s check to the producer. It was actually the money she borrowed from the producer perhaps for her pending project in the city.
It is such a shame to fraud in any kind but unfortunately most of the Pakistani actresses are into such habits or maybe they are brought up to deceive any ways. There is a full record of Pakistani film artist females especially to play such tricks to people. Meera, Atiqa Odho, Mishi Khan and now Laila are the ones who have always been betraying people in one way or the other.
Media and fellow actors showed mix opinions about the case, for some people Laila is convicted and for others it was just a trick to humiliate her. Whatever it was, we cannot say but one thing is crystal clear here which is the “Faith on the Pakistani Artists”; it has certainly been shaken.

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