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Kid’s EID Collection 2013 by Outfitter Junior

Kid’s EID Collection 2013 by Outfitter Junior

Outfitter junior is raising name in the fashion industry of Pakistan. It established in 2003 and until now, it has launched many more collections. It has a long-standing commitment to sustainability about the collection and designs. Out fitters first start their work with times clothing industry and now it is known as a growing name in the fashion industry. Outfitters first start their work with men and women dresses and in 2008 it started work for kids and now in this year outfitter has launched an EID collection for kids.

While  In 2009 out fitters open  another brand focusing on the wholesale side of the market namely Bang and it was introduced and in 2011 a Women’s Eastern Wear brand, Ethnic has launched. It has more than 65 stores all over the Pakistan and recently it has open store in Dubai. Now it has expanded its products and has its own marketing and distribution departments. Now it is producing almost 18000,00 Pcs per year. It is a most popular brand for kids.

Eid collection for kids’ is an astonishing collection for the kids and kids really enjoy this collection. Very colorful and eye chatting dresses designed for kids in this collection. Kids will really feel smart and outstanding at the EID by wearing this collection. This collection includes the shorts, tee shirts, scarfs, pants, frocks, coats, sweaters, tights; binains, jeans and simple A line shirts for kids. Very bright and charming colors used in this collection. The colors used in this collection are blue, white, yellow, and red, green. These colors make the dresses more apparent and vibrant. Moisture of all these colors used in this collection. The collection consists of dresses for both boys and girls.  Kids will really love this collection. Before this EID collection, it has also launched summer collection for kids.

Kid’s EID Collection 2013 by Outfitter Junior:

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