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Justice Song by Ali Gul Pir

“Justice” Song by Ali Gul Pir

Justice a song by Ali gull pir which is produced at the gross studio. Ali gill pir is Pakistani hit pop and rock singer. He is also a comedian in Pakistan. He first becomes known among the Pakistani people by his song waradery ka beta. He in this song he also produced the comedy. He also mentions the political situations of Pakistan.

He stared his career by comedy roles and become hit all among the Pakistani people. He was also announced to be nominated as Best New comer in the Music category of 1st Hum Awards on March 12, 2013. But later on due to some official reasons hum TV leave the category. His second single song is about taro maroo is about the people who stare. Now his new single justice is about the government and people who are in search of justice. This is his new single and in this new single there is also a taste of comedy. He said in one of his interview about the song that If we do not stop this thought and if we do not stop the injustice then one day we all will be affected by it and there will be no safe way for us so we should pay attention towards this thing. He said that I have dedicated this song to all the victims of mindless acts of abuse by powerful people. He further said that one day we all will get the justice he said that I hope one day we get equal justice.

“Justice” Song by Ali Gul Pir

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