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Amir Liaquat Vs Dr. Ziauddin of Ummat Newspaper

Amir Liaquat Vs Dr. Ziauddin of Ummat Newspaper

A new trend has taken place on Pakistani media that is special live Ramzan transmission in that Geo is on top, its live show Aman Ramzan hosted by Amir Liaquat is being discussed by almost every person who watched it some have positive views about it and some have very negative views about it. Calling a singer to a live program and asking him to sing song in a program which is based on Ramzan is disgrace of the holy month and they program which is based on holy month of Ramzan. Not only asking the singer to sing song but also disrespecting and making fun of him on live show.

Asking questions from audiences about Indian movies and giving them gifts on the name of Ramzan. Well all the above doesn’t reflect Islam. The show have some positive aspects as well like the naats be read in it and the questions related to Islam being asked which improves knowledge of a person regarding Islam. In this regard the writer of Ummat newspaper Dr. Zia uddin has written an article in his newspaper Ummat and in his article he has criticized Amir Liaquat alot and said that he had made religion commercial and are doing things on the show which doesn’t have anything to do with Islam and Ramzan. Dr. Zia uddin said that the month of Ramzan will be ashamed of such Muslims. He also criticized the channels owner’s, as he said that they say that people like it and talk about number of viewers watching the program. Zia uddin said that if you have to earn money than earn from other things don’t sale religion.

Well Amir Liaquat have man of controversies it won’t be wrong if one say that he is men’s Veena Malik. This time round the popular host couldn’t absorb the criticism and he gave answers to Dr.Zia uddin article and said that its the passes of his show due to which people have started hating him. Amir said that those who don’t get passes they start criticizing him. Amir Liaquat went a step forward and used his the language for which he got famous a year back and said that Dr. Zia uddin is the most pathetic person on the face of the earth. Well i won’t comment on his show or what he does but using abusive language against a Muslim is not what Islam teaches. One of the most important part of Islam is using soft language and that what lacked in reply of Amir Liaquat to Dr. Zia uddin.

Dr.zia-uddin column against Amir Liaquat Ummat Newspaper
Dr.zia-uddin column against Amir Liaquat Ummat Newspaper

Amir Liaquat Vs Dr. Ziauddin of Ummat Newspaper:

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  1. ye puray pakistan ki awaam k dil ki baat kahi hai Dr Zia uin nay. Lakh Lanat aamir liaqat par

  2. Amir is a agley,ill-natured and perverted person he is denigrating religion to earn money and to make fame himself,a lier and selfish personal we hate him and pay for him God may guide him through right paths.

  3. Sir pehly aap apni Language to dekheen phir kisi par ilzam lagain. Hameen to aap ko language par afsos ho raha hai

  4. dr.ziauddin ap ko kisi par tuhammat lagany ka bht shok hai lgta hai ap khud b aisey hi hai tabi dusro ko bolty rhty hai ap jese log jo dusry k baray me bht kch bolty hai mgr apne ap ko nhi dkhty aray agr aamir bhai aise hoty to sarkar-e-do jahan inhy apny roz-a-aqdas pr q bula ty lgta hai ap ko kbi roza-a-Mubarak dkhne ka moqa naseeb nhi huwa tbi dusro k baray me aise alfaz bol rhy hai..,

    • Kisi ka Roza-e-Rasool Paak per jana us k Emaan daar hone ki nishani nahi…Khana-e-Kaba ma tu ABU JAHL bhi Jaya kerta tha tu kiya wo MOATABER hogaya…AMIR SAHAB is waqt hazir k sab se barey fitne hain…Jinho ne Islam k naam per apna Tamasha shooro kiya hoa ha…Ju Shia Baradari ma beth ker Sahab-e-Karam ki shaan ma Gustakhi kerta ha or Sunni Mehfil ma beth ker Mafiyaan Mangta ha..This is people a TRUE FACE OF MUNAFIQ…Jis kisi ko MUNAFIQ ki definition nahi Pata Wo is DOUR-E-HAZIR k IBLEES ki Nayee SHAKAL AMIR LIAQAUT ko dekh lay..MA is Mardood k naam k saath HUSSAIN nahi lagaonga kyun k wo merey AAQA ki AAL ki Pehchaan ha..

  5. Amir bhai ap kabhi 9 or 10 mahrum ul haram ko bhi madhari wala show dekhae na shia bardari ap ki shalwar na utar de un ka to ap ko bhot khayal hoga or paisa kamanay k chakar may ap ne apna firqa bhi badal lea or zara yeh to batao ramzan ki tarawi kitni parhi or kaha parhi.

  6. certainly very harsh comments from a person seems like a well educated and well respected in the society.the language is indecent to describe a point of view even supported by the waste majority.the controversial thing about the comments about muslim scholars who belongs to various sect and supported by thier followers so i can only advise dont use such language.

  7. dr amir liaquat sab may ahada ap muj say sawal karay mujay q mobile chaye

  8. Well I think that Mr. Aamir is an entertainer and he knows how to engage the audience but there is no doubt that he has knowledge but not all knowledge and I am very sorry to say this but he should act a "muslim first than a teach a muslim" because a man having such knowledge and being sweet and talking about religion and Prophets(PBUT) how can he not have patience and the real people to blame for this is ourselves

  9. Amir Liaquat is irresponsible and stupid person,she should be working in circuis and geo tv is using this miserable guy for making money

  10. Mr.Dr.Ziauddin wrote truth Amir liaquat is diverting the people constration on Show from ibadat this is month make agree to Allah & total pray for Allah but letus muslim couldn't understand,

  11. Bohat allaa Dr. Ziauddin khan for this bitter truth .. amaan ramzan kya ramzan shows saaray e ramzan ki behurmati karrahay hain .. ramzan ibadat ka mahina hai na k aese shows karne ka, ibadat tk focus rakha jaye tw bohat achi baat hogi sb lougon k liye … baaqi Allah hidayat dene wala hai jisay chahay dede ..

    • ap ko kisne dekhane ko kaha hai ap pr afreeen k aisi language ko like kr rahe hain tu ap ka islammmmmmmmmmmmm allah jane

  12. Allah O Akbar.
    Dr Ziauddin, i guess you have gone beyond limits in some places but I can feel the anger in you which made you write these lines. It is clear and evident from the response of this JAAHIL on MIC guy (whose voice simply reminds me of each and every word of his filthy video leaks from ARY where he couldnt hold on his nerves and blasted his natural talent of abusing Ulama, people etc.) that what ever Dr. Ziauddin said has truth. These kind of people are a real shame for the society and this corrupt and greedy media has made him a HERO for the people.
    There is a day of judgement and the door for repentance is open till that, we wish Amir reverts to the righteous path. He can be a good preacher and an asset to Islam as he is an asset to Shaytan right now.
    May Allah give all of them, channel owners, hosts, people the true Hidayat. Ameen

  13. Amir liaquat asal main kisi bhonsre walay ki olad hay or wo kia karayga karachi main us ko bolta hon main apni man k doodh pia hay to aaja karachi main reh k dikha day zar khareed dallay molvion ko jo tu program main bulata hay ushe k sath zameen burn kardoonga

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