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PTCL Broadband Winter Offer 2015: Get Free WiFi Router, Smart TV, Unlimited Downloads in One Deal


Winter is come and Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has revealed its offer of the season. PTCL has launched two packages for broadband and wingle at subsidized rate. Let check them one by one. PTCL Broadband Winter Offer 2015: Deal 1: DSL-2 Mbps Unlimited Charges: Rs. 1,299/- month Free WiFi modem Free Smart TV without monthly subscription charges Deal 2: DSL-4 Mbps Unlimited Charges: Rs. 1,750/- per month Free WiFi modem Free Smart TV without monthly subscription charges Advantages of PTCL Broadband Winter Offer 2015 Unlimited downloads, unmatchable speed, uninterrupted connectivity, WiFi modem for better shared connectivity. Get the deal from nearby franchise and enjoy the seamless browsing, video streaming, fast downloads and access to high quality and high dimensions …

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New PTCL EVO and CharJi Unlimited Packages


As we stated before, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) at this time officially declared the availability of the latest packages for its new and also existing CharJi and EVO 9.3 consumers through ‘EVO Limitless Packages’. Through this latest offer, PTCL clients can experience high-speed wireless broadband connectivity at even more reasonable rates with higher data volumes. Clients can get this offer by buying or even upgrading to CharJi EVO or EVO Wingle 9.3 gadgets before 31st October 2015.

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New Year Offer: Get PTCL Evo for Rs. 500 Per Month


PTCL has launched EVO 3G 3.1Mbps new year offer in which you can purchase the device and enjoy 3.1Mbps for just Rs.500/month. PTCL EVO 3G New Year Offer 500 per month looking good but to attract its potential customers PTCL is offering you to buy the device now and enjoy paying 500/month for the next year till December 2014, after which you have to pay the normal 1200/month or which offer is applicable at that moment or u want for yourself. This offer can be availed by purchasing EVO device between 24th Dec, 2013 to 3rd Jan, 2014 & enjoy 58% discounts on monthly charges for the next whole year. Regular charges (without discount) for this package are Rs. 1,200 per month, and with 58% …

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PTCL offers 50% discount charges on EVO Wireless & 3G EVO Tab


PTCL is a largest prepaid service. PTCL introduce  many discount offers for its customers and also offer unlimited packages. PTCL Evo is the largest internet connection that offers unlimited packages for the users. PTCL has launched this offer at the event if EID for its customers. Now if any one buy the EVO he will be charged 50% less than the real and the actual price of the connection and package. Now the user can buy a new EVO 3G or EVO 3G Wingle device with unlimited packages between and can enjoy 50% Discount on monthly charges for life and can use the connection as for as long time as he wants because it is life time offer. Now the PTCL is offering …

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PTCL limits EVO & NITRO Packages at 50GB per Month

PTCL limits EVO & NITRO Packages at 50GB per Month

As every one of us knows about PTCL and its packages, PTCL has made a place for itself in the market as a leader and the catalyst for change in the telecom industry of Pakistan. During the year, we are going to maintain our profitability growth despite facing many challenges. Due to continue work Earnings in per share improved compared to last year. In fact, this year, ended 30 June 2010 has been quite exciting, eventful and monumental. The Pakistan telecommunication company has put a limit in its services for the customers and has put a fair usage policy limit on its EVO and Nitro packages, unlike its previous offers it has put a limit on all its downloads. Before …

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Ufone 3G EVO Wireless Broadband Service

Broadband evo Ufone Packages

Ufone and technology are inter-related; It is because Ufone understands the needs and demands of the modern era. There is yet another point, and that is Ufone not only understands the demands but also remains active in fulfilling them in any case. Its efficiency and vigilant service has made it the service of all among strong competitors.  Where other companies offer one thing, Ufone will bring two more and better one for the sake of its customers. The 3G EVO wireless broadband service by Ufone is exemplary in this regard. It offered the fastest speed of 3.1 Mbps across the country for its users to experience for the first time how speedy internet works. The innovation succeeded and now there …

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PTCL 3G EVO Tab Review, Specs and Price


  PTCL EVO Tab has the support for 3G and Wi-Fi networks and it is the successor of PTCL’s former 3G Futura Mobile. Apple iPad and a series of Tabs from Samsung and other companies are already very popular in Pakistan. 3G services are limited to PTCL only for the time being and 3G enabled devices are to be used in Pakistan if they are provided by PTCL and no other devices are supported. This new Tab introduced into the market by PTCL supports not only 3G technologies that come with it but it can access 3G network of PTCL in many cities. The main feature is that you can experience an internet speed of up to 3.1Mbps that is …

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PTCL brings Smart TV for Evo Users on their Computer / Laptop

Smart TV PTCL for EVO users

PTCL bring smart TV application for its EVO customers with this service you can watch live TV channels on your computer screen and you can record famous programs or a live cricket match, if you miss out the any program smart TV gives you a Re-run feature of 7-days through which you can watch any past program. As well as you can also record a live or past program in your laptop hard disk , the functionality is known as DVR- Digital video recording.

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Free EVO & Nitro Cloud Devices by PTCL

  In order to fulfil the increasing demands of the era and somehow attract the customers back to old company ,PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited ) has been offering new packages and devices such as the most recent offer includes 3G EVO WI-FI Cloud and 3G Nitro Cloud.If you pay in advance, you can get these devices free of cost with four months unlimited downloads.Lets have a look on the new devices.

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EVO 3G Packages with Detail

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL)3G EVO Offers packages including unlimited wireless broadband at Rs.2,100 monthly. PTCL revise the monthly charges of “EVO Unlimited Package” for its existing and new EVO subscribers. Detail of the revision is as follow:

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Recharge 3G EVO & Get Free internet

EVO subscriber who has not recharged their EVO, Nitro or EVO Wi-Fi cloud devices since 30th April 2012 can simply recharge today and can get free balance for the next month equal to the amount of first recharge. Offer Detail:

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EVO Nitro Ramazan Offer

You can get your Free 3G Nitro device this Ramadan with discounts of Rs.3000 on advance payment with 3months unlimited internet in 200+ cities across Pakistan.Pay Rs 6,000 in advance & get Nitro USB Absolutely free with 3 Months unlimited internet usage. Detail: Visit any PTCL One stop shop or retailer during Ramadan. Make advance payments of Rs.6000. Get get Nitro USB free & get unlimited 9.3Mbps internet usage of 3months in all across Pakistan with discounts of Rs.3000 on each new purchase.

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3G EVO Wi-Fi Hotspot : Tenda Wi-Fi Router Powered by 3G EVO

PTCL Introducing 3G enabled Tenda router powered by EVO. Its a portable 3G Wi-Fi router that lets you convert your EVO/Nitro dongles into a Wi-Fi hotspot. By Pluging in any PTCL EVO/Nitro USB & connect up to 5 devices simultaneously. Tenda 3G EVO router is a battery powered 3G Wi-Fi router by Tenda which offers support for plug- in of EVO and Nitro USB modems to enable wireless internet. You can plug in any PTCL EVO/Nitro USB and create an instant hotspot for sharing Evo 3G Wireless Broadband internet virtually anywhere.

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PTCL EVO 3G Prepaid & Postpaid Packages

  Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) introduce new EVO prepaid and Postpaid packages with high volume download. PTCL EVO Packages in which you can get 5 GB at Rs.899/- & 10 GB at Rs.1199/- Also Unlimited Volume at Rs.1999/-

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PTCL Introduce 3G enabled Android Smartphone “EVO Droid”

PTCL introduce 3G enabled Android Smartphone “EVO Droid”. Its a GSM Smartphone that keeps you connected to your world without being tied to a Wi-Fi connection or the worry of being stuck with a slow mobile data connection. With EVO Droid, Get ready to experience the magic of 3G right on your cell phone.

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Get Evo, Nitro & Wi-Fi Cloud Device Free by Paying Advance Line Rent

PTCL again bring EVO Promotion like other offers One Month Usage Free, 3G EVO Android Mobile Smartphone & EVO Wi-Fi Cloud Offer. Now Pay advance line rent & get a new EVO/Nitro/EVO Wi-Fi Cloud device free. This is Promotional offer for new EVO, Nitro & Wi-Fi Cloud customers, where by all new customers of Evo, Nitro & Wi-Fi Cloud will be getting Free devices just by paying advance line rent for the specified time period. Pay 3 months line Rent in advance for EVO or Nitro & 4 months advance line rent for EVO Wi-Fi Cloud.

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PTCL EVO Widest Wireless Coverage

EVO is Wireless Broadband & coverage network. EVO Wireless Broadband now covering 90% of the Country’s Population. Coverage Area: 3G EVO 3.1 Rev A and 3G EVO Nitro 9.3 Rev B Detail: With PTCL EVDO Rev A speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps with EVO, EVO Wi-Fi cloud, EVO Tab & EVO Droid in 170+ cities across the country. You can get 9.3 Mbps with EVO Nitro’s Rev B coverage in 70 cities. 3G experience with Variety of Prepaid and Postpaid package options. Multiple bill payment and prepaid recharge options. Unlimited downloads with unlimited usage packages.

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PTCL EVO One Month Usage Free by Recharging EVO Account

By Recharging your EVO account today you can win free usage of internet with evo for next month. Details: If any inactive EVO, Nitro, EVO Wi-Fi cloud and EVO TAB customers who have not recharged their prepaid device or paid their postpaid bills since Nov 1st 2011, can now recharge their accounts to get 100% Free balance equivalent to the card loading/ bill payment, for use in the next month.

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EVO Easy Paisa Recharge

easy paisa

PTCL collaboration with Telenor & Tameer Bank provides its customers with yet another payment solution. Now EVO customers have convenience of paying their Post-paid bills and recharging their pre-paid account anytime through easy paisa bill payment facility. Steps to Recharge or Pay Evo Bill through Easy Paisa: For Bill payment or account recharge follow these steps: Step1: Visit your nearest Easy Paisa Shop Step2: Provide Easy Paisa shopkeeper with your MDN # (mentioned on EVO Bill or at back of USB dongle) and desired recharge or bill payment amount Step3: Provide the shopkeeper with your mobile number after paying your desired or billed amount Step4: Receive payment confirmation on your mobile number

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EVLoad Recharge Service for EVO or Vfone by PTCL

evload PTCL

PTCL offers another service to its EVO and Vfone customers for their pre-paid accounts in shape of ev load. Evload Recharge service gives you the convenience to recharge your EVO or Vfone pre-paid account without using scratch card, simply visit any authorized Uload retailer and recharge Evo account with your desired amount. How to recharge your Pre-paid account through ev load: Step1: Visit any authorized Uload retailer Step2: State MDN numbers mentioned on the back of your EVO device or in case of V-fone please mention your V-fone number Step3: Mention your desired recharge amount Step4: You will receive confirmation SMS from PTCL on your MDN number

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EVO Wi-Fi Cloud Offer From PTCL

evo cloud massive offer

PTCL bring Offer its customers now new EVO Wi-Fi cloud customers will be get one month Free usage on advance payment of two months line rent. Product Highlights: High speed internet connectivity. Connects up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled devices simultaneously. Plug & Play (Instant Connectivity) Compact portable device. Secure password protected connection. Nationwide roaming on Rev A Network in 106 cities across the country.

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Ufone introducing Mobile with built-in Evo device


Ufone and PTCL presents FUTURA Pakistan’s first Dual Mode GSM + EVDO converged technology mobile handset phone only on Rs.6999/- It has built-in EVO connection, Uth Futura offers Live streaming at lightning speed.

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