Saturday , January 3 2015
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Mathira Caught Drunk on Camera

Mathira Caught Drunk in Dubai

Well the problem with Mathira is that she can’t resist to be a part of news. We don’t know either she do it intentionally or unintentionally the thing is that she becomes part of news this way or that way. The lady is also known as Drama Queen of Pakistan. Read More »

Aam Khao Incident & Reply of Amir Liaquat

Amir Liaquat Act in Live Show

Things are not working for Amir Liaquat this year as his program is not getting high ratings and one can say that his program actually flopped. It seems that without Geo TV Amir Liaquat is nothing or an ordinary anchor. The controversial host has designed this program as per his will but that’s not working. He changed the set up ... Read More »

PTCL Website Hacked As a Protest Against High BroadBand Rates

PTCL Website Hacked As a Protest Against High BroadBand Rates

PTCL website has once again been hacked by hackers. PTCL is the largest internet service provider of Pakistan. It has over one million broad band users. After introduction of 3G and 4G once again the business of PTCL is in danger. Reason being, when everyone will have fastest internet facility in their hands due cell phone. Mobilink, Ufone, Telenor and ... Read More »

Geo Stood Up Against ISI & Sued It

Geo Stood Up Against ISI & Sued It

Well the story of ISI and Geo is not over yet as there is a twist in the tail. Geo has got order for shutting down the channel for 15 days and paying Rs. 100000000 as fine fee. Geo and Jung group shut downed their transmission for 15 days and before shutting down the channel everybody watching Geo heard its ... Read More »

PEMRA Recommends Cancellation of Geo TV License

PEMRA to cancel Geo TV license

The complaints council of PEMRA (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has recommended that the license of Geo TV should be cancelled. The reason is none other than the issue of airing blasphemous content in their morning show ‘Utho Jaago Pakistan’. In this program Shaista Lodhi, Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khan were the main characters where a munaqibat was played ... Read More »

Shaista Lodhi Might Flee Pakistan After Blasphemy Scandal

Shaista Lodhi Hot Pic 6

ARY news host and anchor Mubasher Lucman in his program ‘Khara Sach’ accused Shaista Lodhi of committing blasphemy in her morning show ‘Utho Jaago Pakistan’ aired from Geo TV. After that the issue escalated and countrywide protests took place. Clerics have given fatwa that watching Geo TV is haram. Shaista Lodhi is reportedly receiving repeated death threats. After the issue ... Read More »

Geo, Shaista Lodhi Blasphemy Case Scandal

Geo Blasphemy Case Scandal on Morning Show

In the morning show of Geo Entertainment ‘Utho Jaago Pakistan’ hosted by Shaista Lodhi where Veena Malik and Asad Bashir Khan were guests, a blasphemous action was conducted by the program management. Both of the guests were made bride and groom while intentionally or intentionally the mistake was made by playing Kalaam ‘Dulhan Jaldi Banao Fatma Zuhra Ko Yaaro’ which ... Read More »

Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha Support Geo & Hamid Mir

Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha Support Geo & Hamid Mir

Hamid Mir’s episode is getting intense day by day and it’s Geo Network that is facing troubles as the time is passing by. Hamid Mir’s statement that ISI attacked him has really filled anger in any patriot across the country. The issue is nowadays hot issue, when Nawaz Sharif went to hospital and shown concern about the health of Hamid ... Read More »

Shiv Sena Claimed That BJP Will Destroy Pakistan In 6 Months

Shiv Sena Claimed That BJP Will Destroy Pakistan 

India is going through elections hype and everybody in India is talking about elections and who is going to be ruling India for next five years and who will do better and who will be the best choice for this elections. The election campaign has stopped now and everybody is waiting for the voting day. Just like Pakistan in this ... Read More »

Faisalabad Female Sportswomen Blackmailing Scandal

Faisalabad Girls Scandal

A gang of blackmailers who blackmail female sportswomen in Faisalabad has been discovered. Girl schools and colleges are shocked by this news and a hoax has been created. Pictures of female sportswoman with a member of the gang have been revealed on different newspapers and social media has been rocked by these pictures and this news. District management has taken ... Read More »

Facebook Killer Arrested in Lahore

Facebook Killer Arrested in Lahore

Facebook Killer Arrested in Lahore Social media has really turned this world in to a global village and with the help of social media lots of people have found their lost friends and families. Social media itslef is a revolution. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has really made it very easy to contact your loved ones and stay ... Read More »

Axact Scandal – Dawood Ibrahim & Malik Riaz

Axact Bol Media Enterprise

BOL channel network has been highly criticized as right from the word go, they were hiring staff very aggressively. As compared to other TV channels in Pakistan, they were paying much higher amounts to the anchors and other important staff. Famous anchors from different TV channels started to migrate to BOL network and their respective TV channels required a substantial ... Read More »

Actress Meera Sister’s Fake Degree Scandal

Aqsa Rubab

It seems that Meera and her family has some psychological problem. Meera is involved in a huge number of scandals but her sister Aqsa Rubab did not want to be left behind. She has jumped on to the scene with fake degree scandal. She is one of the three officers that are being pointed out by Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) ... Read More »

“Meera Married My Son” Says Father of Captain Naveed

Meera Married to Captain Naveed

Controversies controversies controversies … this what Meera is dealing with nowadays.  It seems that now Meera has got this specialization in field of being part of news. Recently she has been part of many scandals. Her marriage issue is really been a roller-coaster. Read More »

Meher Bukhari Kissing Video Circulating On Social Media

Meher Bukhari

Meher Bukhari is a very famous TV host, anchor and journalist who currently is working with Duniya News. She has been married to another famous journalist and host/anchor Kashif Abbasi. She has been surrounded with some major scandals for the past couple of years. Firstly the scandal of her planted interview with Malik Riaz was a hot issue and Rana ... Read More »