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Pakistani Policeman’s Selfie With Indian Fishermen Takes Over The Internet

In a goodwill gesture, Government of Pakistan has released 218 Indian fishermen who had allegedly strayed into Pakistani waters. In last ten days, Government of Pakistan has released 439 Indian fishermen so far as a goodwill gesture. But on tomorrow Thursday when Pakistan set free 218 Indian fishermen there happened an amazing event when a Pakistani policeman at Lahore railway stations takes the selfie with Indian fishermen.


Check out the Pakistan policeman’s selfie with Indian fishermen that take over the internet within Pakistan and across the border as well.

The selfie of Pakistani policeman is widely being shared by both Indian and Pakistani social media users over the internet. Over social media channels, it is being shared by the title of Selfie Diplomacy Pakistan-India.


It merits mentioning here that Pakistani officials behaved very well with these fishermen. Moreover, each fisherman was given Rs. 500 as gift by the Edhi Foundation as well.


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