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Meera Shows Off Nail Extensions [Video]

Pakistani actress Meera took to social media again to share her excitement about getting nail extensions. She was much excited when she showed off her long talon-like nail extensions.


Pakistani actress in a video clip shared her experience of nail extensions for the first time. Meera covered her eyes with dark glasses and appeared to be in makeup in the video. Telling about her experience of nail extensions, Meera said she really like that and hope that her fans will also like this.

Nail Extensions Anyone?

Posted by PakHungama.com on Thursday, 7 January 2016


Well, the video was not about only nail extensions, it was about repeating the lines again and again. In one and half minute short video clip, she almost repeated a dozen time about getting the nail extensions. Then all was again in English. It is her confidence that despite a lot of criticism, she is still focused on her habit and never care about the others.

In addition to the nail extensions, she was also promoting for the parlor from where she got nail extensions. She appreciated the beautician after getting her nails done. So in a nutshell, the video was looking as the promotion of parlor from where Meera got nail extensions.

Well, as usual, her video didn’t go unrewarded. There were many in favour of her new style and so many were there to oppose her badly. But there was something new when someone commented that it is not funny or something to laugh at. She is just human and what is good in her is that she doesn’t let this and even after getting so much hate she never give up. Whatever you can say her but the actress is full of confidence and do that openly whatever she likes to do.


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