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IDEAS Pakistan 2016 Pics and Videos

IDEAS Pakistan, a biennially held defense exhibition, is once again bringing together all the industry’s players across the globe to showcase the latest technological innovations. The 9th IDEAS 2016 is being held at Karachi Expo Center. The four days exhibitions inaugurated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in Karachi and will last until 25 November 2016.


Being the most strategically important event for the region, IDEAS has once again brought together all the industry’s players across the globe to showcase the latest technological innovations. The four days of the IDEAS Show are exclusively for trade visitors and high official defense delegates.

Key Features and Highlights

  • 338 Companies from 38 Countries
  • 10,758 SQM net exposition space
  • 85 delegations from 39 countries
  • 32,405 Trade visitors
  • Top class industries speakers and attendance

Exhibitor Category

  • CATEGORY A: Weapons and Ammunition – Turrets
    • Air Defence Systems
    • Anti-to-Ground and Coastal Defence Systems
    • Anti-Tank / Wall Breaching Weapon Systems
    • Army Ordnance and Ammunition
    • Mortars and Mortar Ammunition
    • Specific Weapon Systems and Ammunition
    • Guns and Ammunition for Armoured Vehicles > 40 mm – Turrets
    • Medium Calibre Weapons and Ammunition (20 to 40 mm) – Turrets & Mounts
    • Small Calibre Weapon and Ammunition < 20 mm – Turrets & Mounts
    • Close Defence Weapons
    • Land Mines and Explosive Charges
    • Signaling and Illuminating Devices
    • Igniters and Firing Mechanisms
    • Propellants, Explosives, Charges
    • Fuses, Homing Heads, Guidance Systems
    • Class A Sub-Assemblies and Components
    • Upgrading Category An equipment
  • CATEGORY B: Vehicles – Aircraft Un-Manned Armoured Vehicle (UAV)
    • Main Battle Tanks and Variants > 30 ton
    • Armoured Vehicles < 30 ton
    • Lightly Armoured and Un–Armored Vehicles Other vehicles – Robotic Vehicles
    • Aircraft – (UAV)
    • Parachuting and Air Delivery
    • Vehicle Engines and Transmission Systems – Amphibious Propulsion Systems
    • Fuel – Lubricants – Storage – Supply
    • Class B Sub – Assemblies and Components
    • Upgrading Category B Equipment
  • CATEGORY C:Battlefield Management / C4ISTAR (C4ISR + Target Acquisition)
    • C4I Systems
    • Observation – Driving / Piloting – Position Finding and Navigation
    • Measuring Devices – Observation – Target Acquisition
    • Automatic Liaison Systems – Fire-coordination Systems
    • Military Space
    • Military Telecommunications Networks
    • Communications Equipment
    • Electronics (Vetronics) – Onboard systems
    • Detection, Information- Gathering and Identification Systems
    • Deception and Countermeasures Equipment
    • Electric Power Supply
    • Cables – Fibers – Insulation
    • Class C sub-assemblies and components
    • Upgrading Class C equipment
  • CATEGORY D: Training & Simulation – Support – Protection – Operational logistics
    • Training – Simulation
    • Supporting and Equipping the Man
    • Medical Treatment – Casualty Handling – Hospitals – Rescue – Field hygiene
    • Protection during Conventional Operations
    • NRBC Protection
    • Operational Logistics and Installations
    • Upgrading Class D equipment
  • CATEGORY E: Special Equipment: Engineer Works – Crossing – Terrain clearance
    Army Participation in Homeland Security – Peacekeeping – Urban operations (MOUT)

    • Engineer Field Works
    • Water Crossing – Diving
    • Bridging – Obstacle Crossing
    • Terrain Clearance – Explosive Ordnance Disposal
    • Homeland / Internal Security
    • Peacekeeping – Population Control – Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) Note: Humanitarian relief: see D3
    • Upgrading Class E equipment
  • CATEGORY F: Industrial and Logistic Support
    • Equipment Support and Packaging
    • Engineering – Manufacturing
    • Measuring and Testing Systems
    • General-use Components and Sub-Assemblies – Treatment of Materials
    • Upgrading Class F Equipment
  • CATEGORY G: Industry Sectors Involved
    • Trials, Measuring and Verification
    • Electricity, Electro-Technique, Electronics, Computing
    • Thermal and Electric Power
    • Manufacture and Industrial use of Metals, Plastics, Textiles and Composite Materials
    • Hydraulics
    • Oil and Chemical Industries
    • Optics and Optronics – Lasers
    • Pyrotechnics
    • Robotics
    • Simulation
    • Telecommunications
  • CATEGORY H: Services
    • Professional Organizations
    • Teaching and Training Organizations
    • Government-related Security Organizations (Police, Civil Defence)
    • Research Institutes and Laboratories, Trials Organizations
    • Security and Land Defence Consultancy Companies, Technical Assistance
    • Service Providers and Suppliers
    • Defence Exhibition and Defence-linked Events Organizers
    • Press – Specialized Publications – Publishing – Printing
    • Miscellaneous (Please Specify)
  • CATEGORY I: Naval Ships and Equipment
    • Ships

IDEAS and Regional Defense Market

The most productive geopolitical region of Asia is one of the largest markets for Defence Products. In a bid to effectively meet the new challenge posed by the transformed regional and global security dynamics, Asia as well as governments of the neighboring continent of Africa allocates significant budgets for modernization and up-gradation programs for their armed forces.


IDEAS 2016 Pics

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IDEAS 2016 Videos


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