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11 Types of Aunties Usually Found in Pakistani Wedding

The wedding ceremony is one of the most important events in our society. If we categories society in happiness and sadness then the wedding is one of the happiest events of our society. If you closely analyze any Pakistani wedding, then your will find some similarities that are common to a culture of the entire country.


The wedding is the mixture of enjoyment, entertainment, grievance and much more. After groom and bride, aunties are the most highlighted characters of any Pakistan weddings. You will found multiple types of aunties on Pakistan weddings, advising, fighting, suggesting, leading and doing much more. Every Paki wedding has almost various characters of aunties. Here are some examples found in Pakistani weddings.

  1. Anchor type aunty1

  2. Perpetual observer aunty2

  3. The troubled aunty3

  4. The show-off aunty4

  5. Matchmaker aunty5

  6. The religious auntyBushra-Ansari11481977_201472824210

  7. ‘Not yet out of her era’ aunty7

  8. That aunt, always in angry mode8

  9. ‘Just too happy to see you’ aunty10

  10. Rockstar aunty9

  11. Extraordinay Auntydesi-grandmother-early-marriages-meme-710x590


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