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10 Questions Pakistani Faced When in Abroad

There are some perceptions set by the outsiders about the Pakistanis. Whenever the Pakistanis pay visit to abroad especially in America or western countries they are often attacked with some uncomfortable questions. Despite the fact, there is some improvement of Pakistani image at international level, the questions are still there. It seems after a century, Pakistanis will be asked by these uncomfortable questions by the people of other countries.



Do you guys have TV / the internet / cell phones over there?1


Wow! Your English is really good!2


Pakistani girls are so innocent



Did your parents disown you for marrying of your own choice?4


Did you come over in a boat?5


Did you ever see Osama Bin Laden?6


Did you used to live in a shantytown / mud hut?7


I’d love to visit Pakistan, but I’m too scared.8


You’re from Pakistan? I love palak paneer.9


Do you speak Hindi?10



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