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Top 10 News Channels in Pakistan: SAMAA TV is at Top

At present, twenty three news channels in Pakistan are working for twenty four hours of entire week. Recently the Kantar Medialogic has released the list of top 10 news channels in Pakistan. According to data of Kantar Medialogic for September (2015), SAMAA is leading over others having total Ind rating of 0.22% and total C&S rating of 0.24%. At second there is GEO News. However, if talk about the rating during Prime Time then GEO News is at top followed by SAMMA TV.


GEO News is stable on its second position in mostly all categories. But if talk about ARY News then ARY News failed in leading in term of news channels raing. However, it is going on top in term of entertainment channel and morning show.

Here is the list of Top Ten News Channels in Pakistan during 24 hours

  1. SAMAA (0.22%)
  2. GEO News (0.19%)
  3. Express News (0.16%)
  4. ARY News (0.16%)
  5. Dunya News (0.13%)
  6. ABB Takk (0.11%)
  7. DAWN News (0.11%)
  8. AJJ News (0.09%)
  9. News One (0.11%)
  10. Ninety 2 News (0.07%)News 1

Top 10 News Channels in Pakistan in during Prime Time (C&S Ind)

  1. GEO News (0.42%)
  2. SAMAA (0.39%)
  3. Express News (0.37%)
  4. ARY News (0.30%)
  5. Dunya News (0.24%)
  6. DAWN News (0.22%)
  7. AAJ News (0.21%)
  8. ABB Takk (0.21%)
  9. News One (0.18%)
  10. Ninety 2 News (0.12%)New 2

SAMAA TV launched news and entertainment broadcasting service in Pakistan in December 2007. Currently the competitors of SAMAA TV are Dunya News, 92 News, ARY News, KTN News and Express News in addition to GEO TV.


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  1. i think NEO news should be at #8 because neo is also a great channel.

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