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Peshawar Windstorm was Pakistan’s Third Strongest Windstorm to Date

Yesterday, the city of Peshawar was taken over by heavy rain, hailstorm and windstorm that killed more than 40 people while around 200 people were injured.


Many houses were grounded and the electricity and communication system was dismantled. During last 24 hours, 59 millimeter rain is recorded in Peshawar and although the windstorm, rain and hailstorm has passed with the injured and dead people, it is important to note that this windstorm was third biggest in Pakistan.

According to Director of Meteorology Department, Muhammad Hanif, such incident happened 2 years ago in Sialkot and 9 years ago in Sargodha. It was sudden, it was strong and it was furious. According to Muhammad Hanif, the wind was blowing at 110-120 kilometer per hour and there were signs of the windstorm but no one could anticipate that it will be such a strong one.


He termed this windstorm as one of the three biggest windstorms of the history of Pakistan and said that atmosphere of Pakistan has changed and major reason for this change is fast growing pollution and forest degradation.

He urged the nation that such incidents are expected to happen in near future again and again and as a nation we should be prepared for such incidents.

Reham Khan visited Lady Reading Hospital to meet the injured people while Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has announced 50,000 rupees each for injured while the families of each dead person will be given 5 lac rupees. Qaim Ali Shah, Chief Minister of Sindh has also announced 2 crore rupees for the victims of the storm. He also directed that food and medicine be supplied to the victims as soon as possible.



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