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Mobile Phone Prices Increased by Rupees 200 Regulatory Duty

A hike in mobile phone set prices is expected as government has imposed 200/- Rupees regulatory duty on every mobile phone set.


It has been announced by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar. This duty has been imposed in order to avoid under-invoicing. Under-invoicing is a term used to describe an action of mentioning lower price instead of original price so that lesser taxes can be paid by the seller.

Is this decision fair? End user i.e. general public will have to pay extra 200 Rupees on purchase of every mobile set. Government rather than making a policy to control under-invoicing is happy to pick the pockets of the citizens.


This has been a usual case in our country that rather finding a long term solution of any problem, government takes it out on general public. Let it be load shedding, terrorism or any other problem you can think of, government of Pakistan is willing to take it out on poor citizens of Pakistan.

Taxes on recharge of mobile credit, electricity over-billing, education, terrorism, problems of local industries in Pakistan, corruption, inefficiency of public sector, health problems, gas shortages and the list goes on but government is unable to find a solution to these problems.


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