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Multan Female Cricketer Haleema Rafique Death / Suicide

Female Cricketer Haleema Rafique who allegedly died due to poison was buried in her hometown Multan. Some sources claim that she committed suicide by drinking acid but nothing can be verified as yet.


Media sources claim that seventeen years old Haleema Rafique committed suicide but as yet no police investigation has been launched to verify the reasons of her death.

Back in 2013, Haleema Rafique and four other female cricketers accused Multan Cricket Club management of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Haleema Rafique and one another female cricketer did not appear before the investigating committee.

After three of the cricketers denied charges of sexual assault, the committee had recommended imposing a ban of six months on all five cricketers involved. The ban period started from October 2013.


Her family members claim that she was getting threats continuously after she brought her case in media. They also assume that Haleema Rafique and other cricketers involved in this case were continuously blackmailed to make certain promises if they wanted to join back the team.

Police sources however said that investigation will be started against the family of Haleema Rafique as they did not inform the police and buried the dead body.

The death of Haleema Rafique raises a lot of questions. Most of them might not be answered as other female cricketers might feel unsecure and unsafe but first it needs to be verified that it indeed was a suicide and not a murder. After that investigation can be given some other dimensions.


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