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Indian Actress Monica Converted to Islam

She is not the first one and she certainly is not the last one. Indian actress Monica impressed from the teachings of Islam has now officially embraced Islam.


She has appeared in more than 70 Tamil Indian movies as heroine and before that as child actor. Talking to media she confirmed that she has embraced Islam as religion. She further told that she was impressed by the teachings of Islam and this is the reason she left Christianity and accepted Islam.

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Her Islamic name is M.G Rahima. Rahima is her name of choice and M is the first letter of her father’s name Maruthi Raj while G stands as the first letter of her mother’s name Gracie. She said that in the beginning she like other people thought that Islam is a religion of extremists but four years earlier back in 2010 she started studying Islam and that is when she got to know that Islam is the ultimate religion preaching peace.

She told that it is not due to money or love but she has embraced Islam because she liked the principles of the religion. She further indicated that she is ready to knot the tie in near future.

Not only the 26 years old actress has embraced Islam but she has also announced that she is saying good bye to the film industry and will not work anymore in this industry. She has also issued her pictures in hijab to the media.



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