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World’s Cheapest Hair Transplant is Done in Pakistan

Believe it or not but Hair Transplant is cheapest in Pakistan. Even if anyone purchase ticket to Pakistan and do Hair Transplant here, it will still cost him less as compared to Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.


Due to good results many people are coming to Pakistan on tourism visas and doing hair transplant here. Cosmetic surgery is quickly getting popular in Pakistan and many people in addition to Hair Transplant come here to improve their facial features.

This shows that how good the quality of Pakistani cosmetic and Hair Transplant surgeons in Pakistan is.  According to 28 years old Dr. Shamshir Khan who has been to Pakistan for the first time claims that in Malaysia, such kind of treatment might cost you more than 3 Thousand dollars more.


According to a famous surgeon Dr. Humayun Mohmand who lives in Islamabad told that in addition to Hair Transplant and facial features improvement, people also come to Pakistan to get operated in order to remove extra fats from the body. According to him 80% of the people who do Hair Transplant are foreigners. He further said that the same Hair Transplant that he carries out in Dubai for 30 thousand dollars is done in 1500 dollars in Pakistan including nurses and other staff salaries. According to him the calibre of doctors of UK and USA is same as the doctors in Pakistan.

All over the world Medical Tourism trend is catching pace and if security situation of Pakistan is improved, a lot of foreign investment can be attracted to Pakistan in this regard.

This is the duty of Pakistani Government to provide a conducive environment for the professionals to work here and so that the foreigners can feel secure coming here.


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