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Bannu Jailbreak Video by Taliban

TTP Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan Released Bannu Jail Attack Video


Bannu jailbreak is considered one of the largest prison breaks in the history of Pakistan. Role of authorities is questionable as rumors are that news of the attack was given prior to this attack happened.

More than 400 prisoners managed to escape during this attack and Police on Monday 5th of August claimed that they have captured a “Punjabi Taliban” member of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan. This member is identified as Mujahid Ahmed and was arrested while injured. He revealed that South Waziristan was the planning base for this attack.

The 400 militants freed include 35 high profile militants during this attack. After the successful assault, TTP has released a video showing how they did it. Heavy firing and blasts can be heard in the video while the captured video does not show much in the early parts as it was dark in the night but they can be heard talking to each other in Pashto.


Last portion of the video shows three Pakistan Army men captured which Taliban claimed to have captured during the time whole area was surrounded by them.

A young member of Taliban is shown saying that around 200-250 militants have been rescued during the attack. The accent of the militants talking is purely Waziristan Pashto and their outlook suggests that they are native to Waziristan and nearby areas.

The very last portion of the video shows Adnan Rasheed who is heard saying that ALLAH blessed him freedom while those cruel people wanted to hang him and he thanks his fellows for finding him freedom. He further said that he wants to continue his “Jihad” if he is given another life. He said that he wants to convey his message to his fellows who are still in prison not to lose hope, keep the patience, and look how their fellows are worried about them and have not forgotten them.



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