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Pakistan Online shopping websites

Top 8 Online Shopping Sites in Pakistan


Online shopping pioneers are Amazon and eBay and they started to operate globally in 1995 and 1996 respectively. Online shopping is defined as when the customer purchase product or services directly from the supplier and payment is done instantly over internet. In this article Pakistan’s top 8 online shopping websites are ranked.


This website basically emphasize upon men and women dressing. The categories include all types of dressing from clothing to shoes, bags and accessories, jewellery for women and a wide variety of different famous brands across the globe are showcased.


One of the top online stores in Pakistan that concentrates mainly on delivering its customers with all types of electronics and gadgets. Most notable of their products are laptops, notebooks, mobiles, tablets, cameras, televisions, projectors, desktop computers, monitors, printers, scanners and many other electronic devices.


This online shopping website works on a huge variety of products including clothing, mobiles, laptops and other electronics. They also offer you to buy something from Amazon and eBay and they’ll deliver it to you in Pakistan. This offer is quite interesting and worth giving a shot.


This website deals almost in everything ranging from computers, laptops, cameras and other electronics to fashion, lifestyle, toys and even home and kitchen. They deliver to your doorstep on demand.


They have features like cash on delivery and express shipping. They deal in fashion and footwear, mobile and accessories, computers, jewellery, watches, electronics, books and media, home, health and so many other products.


In addition to home and kitchen, mobiles, computer, books, beauty and health tcsconnect brings you some extra categories like fragrances, tickets and event, gift ideas and handicrafts that make tcsconnect stand unique among all other top online web-stores in Pakistan.


They basically emphasize on electronics including mobiles and tablets, laptops and notebooks, gaming gear, graphic cards, Islamic products and office products etc.



They also have major categories of entertainment, smartphones and accessories, computers and they have perfumes and watches category as well. Their shipping partner is TCS.


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Umer Farooq is a hobbyist British writer and likes to write about Politics, Sports, Fashion and Technology. Having secured a Master’s degree in Executive Leadership from University of Ulster UK, he has a firm grip on current issues writing. Research also is one of the his favourite areas and it came natural to him.

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  1. You've shared very useful information. These are most popular sites for online shopping in pakistan. I've purchased only three products online two from and one from draz. In my personal experience is the best online shopping site because their customer service is very good and they have different payment options but payment on delivery is the best.

  2. What about ?

  3. many pakistan online stores avalible better than these 8 i suggest i always buy stuff at and customer support is really awesome it is only store who give 24/7 service and give warranty products try it if anyone do experiment i hope no one beat

  4. is the best online shopping in pakistan site

  5. Add to this list too, largest computer components seller in pakistan.

  6. I try my best to shop from Pakistan rather giving money to foreign sellers but sadly most of these sites behave the same way.
    As always the customer is always wrong.
    What one orders and gets is purely on one's luck.
    Some will never contact you from email unless you call them on phone.

    Just got the HTC One 32 GB Silver mobile phone but odered and paid for Black from

    Typical Pakistani greedy and haramkhor business behaviour under disguise of " charbzabani "
    This not only goes for net sites but same thing can be seen and felt when you shop anything from market too ,unless they know you that you can apply the power of "danda" ,no one does a fair deal.

    No one can destroy us but MashAllah we are very good at it ourselves.

  7. I have listened that tcsconnect is a fake web site. even there is a page at facebook, named "tcsconnect fraud". If it's so then why you have added this site to top 8? to miss guide people?

  8. Where's olx ;D

  9. One of the largest and lowest price store is some of the prices are amazingly low… I just baught a Philips LCD 10K cheaper then shophive…

  10. Although Adnan Khan has defined an usually applied behavior of our people and yes sometimes it also happens but the reason behind that is sometime even the website or web owner does not get the product in the same color from the supplier as ordered, and because they are required to pay for their products in advance sometimes suppliers refuse to provide the same color with remarks like not in stock etc. Although if you or anyone like Adnan like to go to any reliable store should try COMPUTER POINT.

  11. Ali Manzoor.

    best trend ,best way to shopping in pakistan,best branding in consumers easy access,safe way to buying anything & also saving the time & access money for petroling :) i am a new customer to buying like shose & shirts specially . first of all i am mentioning the name of they have huge collection both male & female i was buy shose Of BrandCrayons very nice shose & i recommand to my other office friends same like Mankind Couture shirts a very elegant & super fine shirts brand they are on both websites &

  12. This is very sad that online shopping is also not realiable in Pakistan. i experienced a product i purchased but that was not in working condition.

  13. In terms of sincere guidance i've found the best people in town, they have mainly laptops and mobile phones.

  14. have you check

  15. On more is coming with for Only grocery and shopping.

  16. from last 2 years i purchase almost online, mostly from and… my experience is very good and never got trouble. even several time i returned products to within 7 days limit and they always helped to solved the issues. Personally i like HS, Symbios, Royalwatches, Azmalo and… its good to see almost every product within reach and easy to compare and get better idea. Certainly online shopping is new in pakistan and it will take few years to mature.

  17. ebay and amazon are not comparable to these sites you mentioned. their philosophy is consumer-to-consumer eCommerce. And the sites you are mentioning only sell their own items.

  18. Indeed a good article. Well in my experience is one of the bests, though others are also reliable. There may be issues regarding the product quality or price but the most important thing that matters is the customer-seller relationship. If your seller is reverting back, acknowledging your complain and getting it solved then that's great. Good to see that this business is expanding in Pakistan.

  19. Great Products n Services of

  20. Techcity Karachi ke tarha Pakistan ke sub online retailer fraud hay. Web site per jo be likha ho wo sub jhoot hay. I am just informing you rest is depend upon you. Trust the devil but don't trust Pakistani online shopping sites.

  21. Hamza Maqsood

    Symbios.Pk is by far the worst online shopping experience ever. Their customer service sucks. I've been sold a faulty product, and now they've just stopped responding back to query. I might have to resort to legal notice for a lawsuit. Wouldn't recommend at all.

  22. hi everyone,i am student,but through smart working,i am earning $1000 per month by just working 2 hours daily.i started this business with zero investment and this changed my life..interested people can contact me at [email protected] time wasters STAY AWAY.

  23. i think homeshopping is great website for online shopping in pakistan .

  24. Techcity is also a good website for shopping online.

  25. Naeem Ur Rahman

    Please let me know the best website for electronics

    I want to but a z97 socket motherboard

    prices are too much on most website

    almost 33% up as compared to Amazone price, why is that?

  26. EIZYBUY.COM online shopping website works on a huge variety of products including clothing, mobiles, laptops and other electronics. They also offer you to buy something from Amazon and eBay and they’ll deliver it to you in Pakistan. This offer is quite interesting and worth giving a shot. http://WWW.EIZYBUY.COM

  27. I did not had a pleasant experience in shopping with They will deliver you wrong product and will later take no responsibility for its replacement.
    I will suggest you to refrain from shopping on Symbios

  28. admin ab ye Site bhi ad kr loo…

  29. Good information share which doing shopping online.

  30. Try, its also good for online shooping…

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