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Sexual Jihad in Syria

According to Lotfi Bin Jeddo who is the interior minister of Tunisia, a large number of women in Syria are following this new trend that he named “Sexual Jihad”. According to the interior minister of Tunisia, many girls travelled to Syria and have returned pregnant. These girls went there to participate in sexual jihad.


While addressing National Constituent Assembly, he said that these girls are distributed among 20-30 or sometimes between 100 rebels and these girls come back bearing the fruit of sexual contacts with these men. He further said that we are doing nothing in this regard and watching all this happen by staying idle.


Although the number of such women is not known, but the concept that make these women do this act is known as “Jihad al-nikah”. According to some sects like Wahabi sect this kind of nikah is permitted under certain situations in which a woman can have sexual relationship with more than one man and it is considered legitimate by these salafists.

The interior minister said that his ministry has taken a few steps that will stop the flow of Tunisian women flying to Syria.

Tunisia’s former Mufti (highest religious official in the country) earlier this year issued a warning that 13 girls were made fool and were made to travel to Syria in order to offer their sexual services to rebel jihadists. He informed that such act is a form of “prostitution”.

Battikh said, “For jihad in Syria, they are now pushing girls to go there. 13 young girls have been sent for sexual jihad. What is this? This is called prostitution. It is moral educational corruption.”


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  1. Umar farooq Shame on you!. What a bigotry against a particular sect and what a shame!
    You sick materialist mind need some spiritual doses. Show me the fatwa that you are lying about. There is no such fatwa, all you are doing is because of your sick bigoted tiny mind in the hatred of a particular sect.
    Show me any salafi fatwa that a women can marry more than one men, if you can't do it then repent, or Allah's curse and punishment will become mandatory for you.

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