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Pyare Afzal ARY Digital Drama Serial
Pyare Afzal ARY Digital Drama Serial

Pyare Afzal ARY Digital Drama Serial


Pyare Afzal new drama serial of Pakistan broadcast on ARY Digital and production by Six Sigma Plus.
Story of this drama serial revolves around Afzal, main character of serial which is played by Hamza Ali Abbasi. The drama has been beautifully directed and specially the advertisement of the drama was a master work. Most of the viewers got attracted towards the drama due to its background song during its trailers and that was remix version of “Jany Wo Kysy Log thy Jin k Pyar ko pyar mila”.

The main character or hero of the story is so far shown as irresponsible young boy who is 180 degree out of phase from his family as his family is very religious and his father(Subhan Allah played by Firdous Jamal) who is cleric at some office and hates anything that is out of Islam’s preachings. On the other hand “Afzal” has nothing to do with religion as he earn money from gambling. He also have a girlfriend who isn’t disclosed so far that girl write letters to him and he makes fun of her letters by reading it in front of his friends laughing out loud on that. He is also addicted to drugs.


The other main character of the story is Ayeza Khan who is about to get married to a person and she don’t like that person a bit. She is confused about her marriage but she is a very confident, courageous girl who want to achieve something big in her life. Ayeza Khan isn’t playing heart broken beauty in this drama serial which has became her identity. The drama has gathered many viewers so far lets see how much success it gets in future episodes however the drama has got all the potential that a successful drama needs to have.

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