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Pakistani Passport is bad as Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan

According to Henley & Partners Pakistan stands on 91st place when it comes to the number of countries their citizens can travel. Visa Restriction Index 2013 released by Henley & Partners has ranked countries on basis of freedom of travel their citizens can benefit from. The results were released after analysing visa regulations all around the globe.


Pakistani passport is amongst the worst countries like Somalia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Even India is at a much better ranking than Pakistan. India stands at 74th in this ranking. According to this index Pakistani citizens have access to only 32 countries of the world without a visa. In order to travel to the rest of the world, Pakistani passport holder must apply for a valid visa.


United Kingdom, Sweden and Finland all three faced a tie for the first position because their citizens can travel to 173 countries of the world without needing a visa.

These statistics are really shocking and discouraging. They clearly show that Pakistan is not a very welcomed nation by other countries of the world. Terrorism struck and economically bankrupt country finding it hard to manage good relationships with other countries of the world.

India and Pakistan came into being almost at the same time and even India is keeping pace with the modern world requirements but our country Pakistan is going back in time.

It is time for the leaders of our nation to become serious and start developing good relationships with other countries of the world.


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