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Pachtawa ARY Digital Drama Serial
Pachtawa ARY Digital Drama Serial

Pachtawa ARY Digital Drama Serial


What it takes to make a great Drama Serial good direction? Huge starcast? Or an intensive story. Might be but sometimes a little people and salt do the job and so is with the duo of Aijaz Aslam and Faisal Qureshi. Yes, after hits like Main Aur Tum, Topi Drama and  all seasons of Kis Din Mera Via Hoiye Gaa. The magical Duo is coming back but for the first time, instead of some old school comedy flick. It seems that they are together for a deep intense script and direction provided by Shaqielle Khan.

For the first time instead of being friends (Topi Drama), Room mates (Main Aur Tum) and kind of friendly master servant relation (Kis Din Mera Via Hoiye Gaa). Aijaz and Faisal might be on the opposite sides as it can be easily seen in the Pachtawa Promo that there is a slight cold war between them over Mahnoor Baloch. Mahnoor Baloch appears to have the main lead as she is shown the center of this show and both gentlemen (Aijaz and Faisal). But what can it be, is Pachtawa story is based on a failed marriage, a bitter love story or betrayal.


Well as seen in the promo, Faisal tries to approach her but Aijaz appears on the scene and takes Baloch with him(not before he gives Faisal the eye gesture) just when Anum Fayaz appears and tries to comfort Faisal. However Faisal is somewhat speechless because of the circumstances. Nothing less, it does not matter what the circumstances are as people are waiting eagerly for this show. Pachtawa is expected to be a huge hit because of the star ensemble and intensity shown in the promo but nothing can be confirmed at the moment since the first episode is due 22 Novemebr. So till now all we can do is sit back and wait for it.

Pachtawa ARY Digital Drama Serial:

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