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NADRA CNIC verification

NADRA-National Identity Card Verification


NADRA (National Database & Registration Authority) Pakistan achieves yet another success by launching another useful service. Now one can verify his/her computerized National Identity Card details by using this new system of NADRA. Now if you want to verify a person’s CNIC details, you don’t need to visit NADRA offices. If you are thinking to indulge in any kind of activity that needs the verification of CNIC, you can do it yourself. The procedure is very simple and anyone can do it very easily.

In order to get details of a CNIC and to get his/her details, you just need to send an SMS to 7000. The CNIC number should be without dashes. You will get a notification of the details in which the name and father’s name of that CNIC holder will be mentioned. Remember you will get this SMS in Urdu fonts, so make sure you do it from a mobile set that can read Urdu fonts.

The service is provided at a charge of PKR 10 + tax per single message. The total amount including tax is around PKR 12.

The thought that directly comes to one’s mind is that this could help people to invade your privacy and could use these details for any evil purpose. It might be a security loop hole but the good news is that it provides name of the CNIC holder and his/her father name. No contact details are shared, therefore you can consider it safe and acceptable.


Not only general public but the law-enforcement departments will also be heavily benefited from this service. They have a separate code to use in order to get the information. They will send a SMS to 7001.

This information is provided to the users in collaboration with cellular companies which would collect data by communicating in real time with NADRA. The data transfer is secure and the numbers 7000 and 7001 are labelled as special numbers.

NADRA CNIC Verification Procedure

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  1. AOA

    Sir mai apna or apne father ka name change krwana chahta ho ID card pay Kia change ho sakta hai

  2. Dear Sir, I was need to check a ID card,So I sent Sms to 7000 many times but I could not get informations about that CINC .I lost time and money. My Emai is [email protected]

    • I WAS NEEDED DETAILS OF A CINC .I WAS SENT SMS OF A CINC NUMBER TO NADRA,NADRA is given SMS Thanks feed back . NOT FULLY INFORMATION GIVEN TO ME.for a privacy I Do not giving CNIC number of my client.

  3. mujhe apne nic ki teseelat zeroat plz ferham ki jaen

  4. sir mera id card numer hai 42501 32940637 plzzz ap mjhe iski cnfrmation de dain k kb tk renew krdainge plzzz mjhe btadain mere mob num pe 03431129102 mere visa ruka hua hai siris waja ze to mjhe ap jldi btadain my name is zaheer.

  5. Hellow sir mari date of birth 28 January 1998 hai tu mara id card kis year ma bana ga plz rpply me 🙂

  6. shumial gol my tricking no 106431056875 hi mari verifacion nadra bord sargodha ne ke hi mari verfacion k latter par
    kesi our cnic jari kar dey hi our mara prassis dabual kar k black kar deya hi

  7. id card number se name nd detail kesay mle gi?

  8. I haveCNIC number i need to get address and picture.what should i do? if any one knows please tell me via email. [email protected]

  9. i need detail of my id card 102211173127

  10. Muhammad Noman

    Sir it is requested that I've lost my smart card somewhere don't know
    whether so please let me inform that now what's the procedure I've to do

    if any one knows please tell me
    email. [email protected]

  11. Muhammad Bilal

    I have heard that now smart card can be made by the age of 16. Is it true?

  12. Salam sir I am from district zoab and I lost my ID card with both address one is from district zoab and other one is from haripur Hazara and now can I apply for new card from any nadra office are need to go to haripur now I am in swat is their is any possibility that can I apply for my new ID card from swat

  13. AsA.mera naam Arshad Ali father name Ali Muhammad father ka id card no 36501-0460694-3 plz mera id no btaen

    Mobile number 03004143392

  14. Sir mn apny identity card ke copy net sa download karni hah kindly help me deatail mujh email kar da. Thanks
    my Emaile is [email protected]

  15. 33102-9769091-1 please give me complete detail of this number

  16. Sir mn apny identity card ke copy net sa download karni hah kindly help me deatail mujh email kar da. Thanks

  17. i have ID card number plz i need address against the CNIC number 3520168798487
    email me at [email protected] . Thanks

  18. i need details of id card number

  19. I haveCNIC number i need to get address and picture.what should i do? if any one knows please tell me on [email protected]

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