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Kankar Hum TV Drama Serial Written by Umera Ahmad
Kankar Hum TV Drama Serial Written by Umera Ahmad

“Kankar” Hum TV Drama Serial Written by Umera Ahmad


Kankar is a newly launched play by Hum TV. It is Umera Ahmed’s beautifully depicted play about love, life, status and society. It is directed under the supervision of Aabia Raza.

Kankar means “stone” or “Pebble” in English. Its meaning has a strong relation with the drama serial.
It revolves around a girl named, Kiran. She is a lively girl. For her parents, she has grown up now and it’s time to get suitable match for her. At last, Kiran’s family got one. It is Sikander who sends her proposal. He belongs from a higher class and due to this class difference his mother, Shaista opposes this relation at first but agrees later under her son’s pressure. Anyway they take the pledge and Kiran is very happy to be his wife. She falls in for him after the marriage but fate and chances take her life somewhere else as Sikander’s other faces began to reveal after some time.
The main theme of the story is about class difference and status conscious society where relations are always made after making sure they match one’s status. It is this difference that has plagued our society. Higher class is no ready to accept and live with lower class while lower-class in our country, could only dream of becoming strong like them.

Kiran’s family is class-conscious like others, they dream of becoming rich. She has an elder sister Irim and parents in her family. Their relatives are wealthy and they also want to get a better position in society like them but the status-crazy realties do not like making any relations with them. They prefer kinship in other like-minded and like-status people.
Kiran is unlike her family. She is a practical girl with realistic opinions about life. She does not dream of making relations with kinship like hers and become rich using a short-cut. She is enlightened and her opinions about love and marriage are based on reality. Thus she is neither rude nor biased about it. She wants to study further and make a career, her father also encourages her but like all mothers, her mum also want to grab a guy for her daughters.


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  1. Can anyone say me the meaning of “kirchi kirchi” word used in ost of this drama….if anyone knows please tell me…

  2. kankar drama is very beautiful story i believe this .

  3. Umera Ahmed is the best fiction writter jo baat umera je mein hain wo kisi mein ho he nai sakti hamere dua hai umera je k ap ise tarah likhti rahen aur hum ap k likhy novil parhty rahen…

    best of luck…..umera jeee…

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