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Amna Malik on News One TV with Choo Lo Asman Morning Show

Choo Lo Asman
Choo Lo Asman

Choo Lo Asman is a typical morning show on News One. Hosted by Amna Malik, the basic goal of the show is to motivate people to achieve their dreams becoming through hard work. The program goes “Rise Up. Stand Tall. Now reach for the sky. No one can hold you back.”


Aside from the motivation and encouragement to achieve dreams, the program is a rich information source of various topics. It invites celebrities and people from different styles. The celebs are usually asked about their experiences and struggles in life. Overall, it is a good morning show airing on NewsOne during weekdays from Monday to Friday 10:05 am to 12 noon.


On December 2012, the show’s host Amna Malik quitted the channel, where she worked for a long time. Amna Malik was out of screen while getting some offers from other TV channels and is expected to be on TV again.

Choo Loo Asmaan Promo
Choo Loo Asmaan Promo

The Choo Lo Asman show is still airing with Amna Malik as its host in February.

Choo Lo Asman Program Preview


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