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Pakistani Lesbians Marriage

2 British Lesbians Pakistani Girls Married in UK


2 girls of Pakistani origin got married in England. The marriage is registered now in Great Britain. Names of the girls are Rehana Kausar and Sobia Komal. According to reports both of them approached the council office initially and told them that they want to get married to each other. Council apologized initially and stated that since both of them are Muslims, therefore it is not possible for both of them to tie a lesbian knot with each other. After that Rehana Kausar and Sobia Komal adapted the stance that both of them are adults now and according to the laws of Great Britain, they reserve the right to spend their lives as they wish. Council registered them in one month duration and after the completion of the registration both of the girls arrived at council’s registration office in white bridal dress. After that they signed the registration documents and got connected to each other in a lesbian knot.


According to sources Rehana Kausar is from Lahore while Sobia Komal is resident of Mirpur. It is noteworthy that both of them are earning and Rehana Kausar has attained her PhD from Punjab University.

The trend they have set might be encouraging for other such Muslim origin girls based in UK. Homosexuality concept is not present in Islam and in countries like Pakistan or any other Muslim country this kind of relationship is not appreciated at all.


Whatever the case may be, this trend in Muslim girls is damaging the image of Islam and it should rather be discouraged at every platform by Muslims whether in countries like Pakistan, USA or Great Britain.

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  1. Absolutely awful. They should not even be called Muslims. May Allah guide us all towards the straight pathand save us from such sins

  2. I personally don’t get what is this fuss about who other people like. I mean why would you even possibly care about who someone wants to be with. When two homosexuals are living together happily, remind me who asked for your opinion. Are you so insecure that you need to use religion to evaluate someone else’s interests so that you can feel right about yourselves?

  3. Congratulation, ladies! Don't worry about the hater ^

  4. hey, love is love… respect them.. i am gay too and wana marry with my bf.

  5. would like to know there IMMIGRATION STATUS IN UK


  7. This is really Pathetic. They are just defaming the name of Islam. You will all burn in Hell.

  8. Ali Sharjeel Khan

    Speechless… No fear of Allah?? Not thinking about their family values?? Is love so much blind, mean and selfish?? If love make u so selfish that u don't care about your creator, ur mother, father and family respect.. I hate that kind of love…

  9. Religion is a name of circle set to stay in and relates to it. If someone perform a sin (according to that religion), he or she is out of that religion. It is against the norms of Islam and Gunah-a-Kabira. So let them be what ever they do. To us Muslims these girls are NOT Muslims any more. They did not find love of each other but only goal was to get attention.

  10. fuel for hell

  11. You're jealous because nobody ever pays attention to you :) and also, f* religion…

  12. This is another prediction by the the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) about the signs of qiyamah, these two women are the people of the hell fire

  13. Abhi ye sab is leay ho raha he k ham ne allah ka bataya yani shariat ko choor dia he or azadi ko apna lea he.

  14. these lesbians are not born and brought up in the uk. I doubt they will set a trend as they are not British ….yet, but no doubt will seek asylum.

  15. Muslim by Choice

    what's sadder than two muslim homosexuals marrying is other muslims saying there is nothing wrong with it. No there is nothing wrong if you don't believe in islam, there is nothing wrong if you only call yourself a muslim because your parents told you to but have no idea what it means to be one.But if you are a muslim than you should at least respect your religion and not defame it. There is nothing 'liberal' about rebelling against your religion. If you call yourself a muslim then at least understand what it means to be one, and don't judge other people for their angry outbursts. Everyone has just as much right to voice their free opinion as you do, and if those two girls cannot respect their religions and customs then I can only pity them aand pray that Allah guides them in time.

  16. yeh larkiyan wajab ul katal hain.ager kesi ki ponch hai en tak to enka murder kar do.

  17. SHAME ON UK MEDIA: I think, its a Propaganda against Islam, Why they HIGHLIGHTED only those girls who have "Islamic Names" ? May be they r non-muslims like Quidyani, Ismaili etc. THINK OF IT.

  18. its coming to an end ….qayamat is almost there…

  19. this is really very sadened and shameful act…

  20. look at dat nw two muslim girls get married.hell is waitin soon they ill b their.dats the freedom frm their parents.

  21. Aye Allah humein apney azaab se bacha jo unqareeb aney wala hai aameen

  22. Are you a MUSLIM?

  23. Shame for Boys

  24. yuckHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!……….whtever love is …this one is the MOST disgusting and shocking outcome…truely implicit ,,something which cannot be thought of or discussed…….SATON does not play an easy game missies …to some people who dont consider it wrong should think about the FEAR of HIM, The ALMIGHTY, WHO IS A BETTER JUDGE BUT CLEARLY DISAPPROVES such acts………for someone who considers it "Finding Love" should keep his Beautiful ideas with himself and read QURAN,,,,,,,,,if he doesnt find a single verse related to the disapprovement of homosexuality then hes most welcome to say anything and Encourage others and fight on their behalf"….(LACK OF KNOWLEDGE)!!!!!!

  25. muslim member

    This is terrible and Haram. You are out of Islam and are not called Muslims anymore. this is a shame on them and their parents. due to this act you will go in hell and you have damaged the peaceful religion of Islam and are bad role models to the world about a member of Islam which you are no one. therefore no Muslim is happy and if they are then they are against their religion. shame on you and you are no longer to be Muslims and don't even expect to get into paradise. read the Quran and the meaning you don't even know what your religion teach you. not only be but the whole Muslim ummah is shame on you and watch you will regret very soon.

  26. this is ashame its not allowed in islam so they should read the prophet lut history nd will get lesson

  27. Hold on!Hold on!! I will tell you what is RIGHT and what is WRONG.This marriage is WRONG! Raping and killing of his own little daughter bY Saudi Prince is RIGHT. Got it??

  28. These 2 girls r fuck and the daughters of bitch

  29. If you both want to become hero of the Muslims, this is impossible and it may be your own dream, but The Muslim world is against your this shameful and shameless action. Now think about your parents relations between each other and feel shame which produces you. I means '' shameless parents out put also a shameless children'' .
    All Muslims hate your:-
    this action
    Grand parents

    SHAME ON UK MEDIA: I think, its a Propaganda against Islam, Why they HIGHLIGHTED only those girls who have "Islamic Names" ? May be they r non-Muslims like Quidyani, Ismail i etc. THINK OF IT.

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  31. very shamefull girls

  32. i am disgusted by reading almost all da comments here—yes religious wise as a muslim, what these two girls did is indeed wrong but let Allah judge them and punish them. What these two did, is not negatively affecting other ppl, so just leave them and let Allah handle them—-geo aur jeenay do—there r much other worse problems v pakistanis r facing, such as targetted killings,suicide bombings, terrorist attacks, drone attacks, massive loadshedding, dengue, mass unemployment, hyper inflation and as if thats not enuff earthquakes and floods. on top of that, poor ppl along with middle class r committing suicide or joining crime syndicates or jihadi terrorist outfits…There is no law and order—Food is 2 expensive and not even pure as media has exposed how ginger/garlic is being diluted with acid which can cause cancer—-medicines r becoming 2 expensive even for middle class ppl, let alone da poor. Pakistan has deteriorated into one banana republic and wild jungle where no one knows if they will make it home alive at da end of da day. Lets concentrate on theese issues instead of focusing on these "empty" sensational stories and giving hyped-up moral lectures.

  33. People and muslims in particular need to understand a few things,we all know that what these two girls did is forbidden in Islam but the thing is you cannot connect everything to religion.My point is that somethings are psychological.The reasons which makes a boy attracted to a boy or girl to a girl is connected to mental anomaly.Unfortunately, the molvis of our time still seem to be living 14 hundred years back.They claim even to translating words like masjid and Allah in english as haram.Have they forgotton that when Shah Wali Ullah translated quran to persian and Shah Abdul Qadir translated it into Urdu lead to the rejuvenation of islam and bought us out of the gloom of ignorance.Tell us was that a also a sin. Now this is where the problem starts in our muslim society that educated liberals and conservative muslims are unable mix and agree upon a single solution.Consider this example that the Islamic Nazarati Council proclaimed DNA testing to be haram,ignoring the fact this is the only way rapist can be caught, has 99.9% success rate and each person in the world has a different DNA from the other(including twins).The purpose of the above discussion was wouldn't it be better to treat their problem using medical help,visiting psychiatrist or just a little counselling from a friend or parent who better understands them.It makes me sad to hear the above immature and disparaging comments people make about other people,have they themselves never made a mistake in their lives,have they really never disobeyed their parents(which is a far more heinous). Remember that the Prophet (S.A.W.S.) even forbade even the condemnation of an adulteress, though he didn’t abrogate her prescribed punishment. (Based on the report in Al-Bukhaaree (4/350) and Muslim (1704) on the authority of Abu Hurairah. See Sharh-us-Sunnah (10/298) of Imaam Al-Baghawee.).Allah (SWT) has warned us in the Quran: “Verily, those who love that the evil and indecent actions of those who believe should be propagated (and spread), they will have a painful torment in this world and in the Hereafter. And Allah knows and you know not. And had it not been for the grace of Allah and His mercy on you, (Allah would have hastened the punishment on you) and that Allah is full of kindness, Most Merciful” (An Noor, 24:19, 20). According to Al-Hasan, and as reported in At-Tirmidhee and other collections in marfoo’ form [i.e. that the Prophet said]: “Whosoever condemns his brother for a sin (he committed) that he repented from, will not die until he has committed it (i.e. the same sin) himself.” Therefore,we should rather try correcting other peoples mistake with gentle words other than just condemning and defaming them in public.

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  35. naveed iqbal mirza

    islam ke behurmati karnay waloonh ko sakhat sazaa dainy chahiay

  36. pathetic!!

  37. So many days have been passed. now can anyone tell how they are now? are they still happy with each other or they are changed? how is their life? are they satisfied? it will be interesting to know about their life!!!!

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