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Top Highest Paid Pakistani Cricketers in 2016

Top Highest Paid Pakistani Cricketers in 2016

Once it was the time when cricket was considered as the passion, in fact, almost every sporting activity was a dedication and passion for a decade. But now we have been entered into the world of commercialism where everything is on price catalog. Soccer and cricket are said to be one of the most money-earning sports in the world. In addition to annual match fee, sportsmen earned extra money from match winning fee, awards, and advertisements. The organizations and institutes even hire most of the sportsmen as an ambassador of their product or service. Just like cricketers of other countries, there are many Pakistani cricketers also earn millions rupee in a year. Here we are presenting you the list of …

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How to use Telenor eCare Web Self Service Portal

Telenor ecare

Telenor eCare or Telenor Info service is a web-based information portal of Telenor for its customers. This eCare portal aims to make the Telenor customers able to come to know about what is happening around the world and what the current status of their balance with Telenor is. Now the Telenor customers can get the information of their account with a brand new way of Telenor to obtain valuable information. It is now very easy to check you call history, SMS details and other records with the eCare portal of Telenor. The process for getting call history and other details is very easy and straightforward. The customers of Telenor are first required to create an account. By simply creating an …

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Zong New 3G/4G Internet Packages


One of the biggest cellular companies in the country in term of mobile internet users, Zong, has publicly revised its 3G and 4G mobile data plans. According to an advertisement published by Zong in newspapers across the country, “In order to maintain the same standard of fast and uninterrupted services, our monthly 4GB internet bundle will be revised with effect from August 02, 2016.” If you were enjoying 4GB internet for Rs. 5oo + tax than from August 02, 2016 the prices will be Rs. 600 + tax. The validity period of thirty days will remain same. However, the volume will be extended from 4GB to 6GB. Monthly prices are going to increase, but the volume will be increased as …

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Top 10 Designers of Pakistan 2016-2017

Designers of Pakistan

Pakistani style industry has numerous fruitful style outlining specialists. Today style and design have turned out to be extremely basic part of the life. Everyone likes to walk and talk gorgeously. Every one of us needs to adopt the current style and fashion in their body and psyche. They attempt to make their way of life simply like their most loved identity. Pakistan has creates colossally capable creators that easily mix regard for age-old conventions with groundbreaking feel. We profile ten highlighted names of Pakistani designing industry that you should know. 1. Deepak Perwani Deepak Perwani is among to those Pakistani designers who are responsible for changing the face of Pakistani fashion industry for almost two decades ago. Deepak Perwani holds …

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Lux Style Awards 2016 – Nominations and Voting


The nominations for the second largest award ceremony, Lux Style Awards 2016, in Pakistan after PTV Awards have been officially released by the Lux Style Awards administration. The award is being celebrated by the Lux since 2002 to highlight and give international recognition to the Pakistani entertainment industry. Lux Style Awards is said to be one of the oldest and the most prominent awards in Pakistan awarded in the main categories of TV, film, and fashion industry in Pakistan. This year it will be the 15theditions of the Lux Style Award. Jawani Phir Nai Aani is nominated for the best film of the year, Mahira Khan best actress for Bin Roye and Adnan Sarwar is a top nomination for movie …

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Honda Civic 2016 in Showrooms Now – Specs, Prices & Pics


Pakistani has finally got the 10th Generation Honda Civic, and it is in the showroom. Pakistani authorized dealers started the advanced booking of 2016 Honda Atlas from June 06, 2016. A lot of rumors were there about the price and specs of Honda Civic 2016, and now the air is clear. Honda Civic arrived in Pakistan in three variants: 1.8 Litre I-Vtec, 1.8  Litre I-Vtec Oriel, and 1.g Litre Vtec Turbo. Completely redesigned, the new Honda Civic 2016 is sleeker, bolder, and more energetic than ever. The one-motion from and actively high body lines look superb in all surroundings. Check out the stunning pictures of the 10th Generation Honda Civic 2016 in Pakistan. Honda Civic 2016 in Pakistan Video HONDA …

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Download FESCO Duplicate Electricity Bill


FESCO stands for Faisalabad Electricity Supply Company. Just like other leading electric supply companies in Pakistan, FESCO has also introduced the system for getting the duplicate copy of the consumer bill from its official website. The consumers of FESCO can view the copy of their recent month bill and can download the same as well. The bill generated from the official website of FESCO by all means will be treated as original one for the purpose of paying the recent month bill. In order to get the duplicate bill of FESCO of the recent month you are only required to provide the following details: Provide the reference number of your electricity meter and click on the submit button. You will …

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Top 16 Islamic Banks in Pakistan


Islamic banking is different from modern day conventional banking that is based on the interest. Islam has its own principle of trade and profit sharing that ensure the zero involvement of interest or markup rate at all. In Islamic banking, banking activity is directly and indirectly based on the principles of Sharia or those rules and regulations not in conflict with Sharia Law, such as conventional good governance and risk management rules. The banking sector in Pakistan is regulated by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). According to SBP, “It aims to evolve a stable and distinct Islamic banking system based on Shariah principles that create value for all stakeholders particularly the users and providers of Islamic financial services.” In …

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Telenor Capture App: Save, Share and See All Photos and Videos in One Place


Telenor Pakistan has launched an app named Telenor Capture App under its initiative Telenor Digital. The app aims to make the Telenor users able to capture their favorite moments and memories in a cloud storage with Capture App. Non-Telenor users can also avail this service. Everyone, either Telenor user or non-Telenor user will get storage space of approx. 1,000 photos or 2GB for free. However, those having Telenor SIM will get additional 27 GB storage space for free. Want to make sure your memories are safe? Save them with Telenor Capture App! Visit: — Telenor Pakistan (@telenorpakistan) July 18, 2016 With Telenor Capture App, you can save, see and share all of your memories like photos and videos safely …

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WhatsApp Funny Pakistani Videos Free Download


One of the largest social networking messenger, WhatsApp, is doing well in the smartphones since its date of creation. Simply speaking, WhatsApp is more offering more services as compared to traditional messengers and group chatting programs that are mostly restricted to chatting and calling only. Creating group is one of the most popular activities on WhatsApp that make the users of diverse backgrounds to share their ideas with others. WhatsApp users nowadays are focusing more on creating or joining new groups instead of doing chatting only. One of the main popular activities over WhatsApp is to share funny videos and short video clips. Most of these are planned videos while there are many that are accidental. Even sometimes group of …

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5G Coming Soon in Pakistan


If you are Zong and Warid customer then you have surely access to a 4G network of both cellular companies. But what is next in mobile data for connectivity? Of course, it is 5G that is going to become a reality in near future. The next generation of cellular networks that will be 5G has a long way to travel before it is a reality but plans and rests by the leading telecommunication and IT companies are underway to set the terms of such a massive upgrade. A fifth generation or simply 5G will be the next advanced mobile network technology. The standard for 5G network has not agreed yet. The main distinction between 4G/4G LTE and 5G will surely …

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List of PMDC Recognized Medical Colleges and Universities in Pakistan


At present one hundred medical schools, colleges and universities are offering medical courses in multiple disciplines such as MBBS, BDS, Doctor of Physiotherapy, DVM, etc. All medical colleges and universities are properly regulated by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). So, before getting admission into any medical and dental college make it sure it is recognized by the PMDC. Recognized Medical Colleges in Pakistan Province Public Private Total Punjab 19 35 54 Sindh 09 14 23 K.P.K 08 09 17 Baluchistan 01 01 02 AJ&K 03 01 04 Total 40 60 100 Here is the list of medical colleges and universities in Pakistan. PUNJAB – Public Sector Medical Colleges S.No. Medical Colleges Seat Allocation 1. King Edward Medical College, Lahore. …

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Income Tax Slabs in Pakistan 2016-17: Income Tax Rates for Salaried Persons

Income tax on salary in pakistan

Taxes are the main source of revenues for the government of modern ages. The government impose taxes in order to collect revenue to run the government, to impose its policies, for fair distribution of wealth, and to administer the government is the best way. Like other countries of the world, Pakistan has also a proper taxation system that is being regulated in the country according to Income Tax Ordinance, 2001, Sales Tax Act, 1990, Federal Excise Act, 2005, Custom Act, 1969, Capital Value Tax levied through Finance Act, 1989 and few others that are mostly in shape of amendments. Federal Government is the only body who is empowered to levy and collect the tax. After that, the constitution gives the …

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13 Beautiful Islands in Pakistan


Maybe it sounds strange to you but our motherland has one of the stunning islands in the world. Pakistan boasts some of the most stunning gateway destinations in Sindh and Baluchistan coastal areas in the entire country. Island is widely declared as one of the most beautiful natural places. For some it is a place for enjoying water sports, meeting new people and organizing beach parties only and for some, it is like a new book with each chapter containing something new to refresh the mind. We associate this kind of places with a number of rejuvenating and good things. There are many islands in Pakistan in which some might disappoint you but there are also few which are worth …

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22 Amazing Places You Won’t Believe Really Exist in Pakistan

20 Amazing Places You Won’t Believe Really Exist in Pakistan

Pakistanis and Pakistan are really unpredictable. This land is really strange that always brings something new for the world. The people of here are surprising. You can’t imagine what can happen next. It’s time to put on your travel shows because we are taking you to those places about whom we are sure you have never heard. You won’t believe these places really exist in Pakistan that we are going to mention below. Graveyard of Bahawalpur’s Nawabs in Cholistan Desert, Bahawalpur A Hospitable Café in Kalam Valley (Mini Europe), Swat The Magical Water from Exotic Ghizer River, Gilgit Baltistan Moola Chotok, Baluchistan – A Hidden Paradise in Pakistan Rakaposhi Mountain Karakoram Range – A Place for the True Adventure The …

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