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Telenor Likely to Acquire Wateen Telecom


The year 2016 came with the massive acquisitions, mergers and partnership across the globe. Pakistani business industry has also been going through this as well. According to the latest news, Telenor is holding talks with Wateen Telecom to acquire, which will help the Pakistan arm of Norwegian cellular company to offer high-speed data services in the country as recently the cellular company has started 4g service. It counts to mention here that both Mobilink and Telenor are separately holding meetings with Wateen, but nothing has been finalized as of yet. “We know we have to move to the next stage of services, as there is high demand of 4G in the country, for which we need one of fastest IT …

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Chinese Styled Motorcycle Taxi Service ‘Cargar’ Launched in Pakistan


You are well aware of the normal taxi service but have you heard about motorcycle taxi service? If not then don’t worry, soon you will see this on the roads of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Some NUST students have launched this service for the first time in Pakistan. The motorcycle taxi service was started in China in the late 1980s and since after then many countries adopted this idea for economical travel and controlling traffic. The graduated of NUST have taken this initiative by the name of Cargar. Cargar is a motorcycle taxi service that in other words is a ride sharing motorcycle service. The service is initially launched in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. “Cargar is an innovative start-up aiming to provide …

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Zong Power Pack SIM – New Zong Super Card Packages


If you want to make a strong presence in the market, then you have to introduce something new that must be valuable, that is one of the most important business principles. Zong has also done the same thing by launching a service like the super card but beyond super card at the same time as well. For its valuable subscribers, Zong has launched an exclusive new offer by the name of Zong Power Pack SIMS whose features and purpose are mostly like super card packages but at the same time, there are extensions to what Zong is currently offering to its customers. One of the best things about this new offer is that Zong has tailored this service and plans …

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Mini Electric Cars in Pakistan


After the Chinese based Suzuki Mehran we are continuously reading and other news about Smart Cars that are reportedly scheduled to enter in Pakistan. While that is not confirmed and the company in Pakistan named NK Smart Cars has no official presence on the internet as a website. The trend of Smart Cars is gradually increasing across the globe because there are perfect for a single person who wants to explore the entire city and beyond. Well, the news about the Smart Car or Mini Electric Car that is circulating over the social media channels is entirely different from the internationals standard Smart Cars. The company named NK Smart Cars owned by Khurram Aftab is claiming to bring these cars …

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21 Highly Dangerous Yet Beautiful Bridges in Pakistan

21 Highly Dangerous Yet Beautiful Bridges in Pakistan

From the immense, dense forests to highest mountains, the world of our is full of highly dangerous places and bridges are considered to be one of the most dangerous places. Thanks to those who are making our life convenient by minimizing the gap between two edges. But what about those bridges that are not the hallmark of human invention. These are also being used to connect two mountains or areas, and the strange one is that these are not still in order. Here we are talking about the highly dangerous bridges in Pakistan. Many reasons make these bridges in Pakistan very dangerous. Old construction, narrowness, poor material and many other factors make these bridges really dangerous. Still, in the 21st …

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Coke Studio 9 All Episodes, Songs and Schedule


One of the biggest music T series of the country is going to through significant changes in its singers and artist lines for the season 9. Every year Coca-Cola host this show in Pakistan. Starting in 2008, Coke Studio is now one of the most popular music shows in the country that annually hosts the leading singers, musicians, and artists of the country. Last year edition Coke Studio 8 was one of the most popular seasons in this history of Coke Studio. The best part of this music program is that it features the music of all types from traditional to the modern day. The focus of this program is more in the Pakistani music styles like qawwali, Sufi, folk, …

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Top 10 Richest Pakistani Actors


Pakistan showbiz industry is increasingly moving towards development, not only the actor from here making an identity in Pakistan but worldwide. The actors have also increased their earnings because of increase in demand throughout the world. Do you want to know about the compensation of Pakistan’s richest famous actors who are earning a lot from movies, dramas, concerts, and commercials? Here is the list of richest Pakistani actors. 1. Fawad Khan Fawad Khan is counted in those numbers of actors in Pakistan, whose destiny star is always shining, and all their fans far more popular in India, Pakistan, and all over the world. Fawad Khan per year earning is almost t$150,000 that he earn from movies, dramas, and commercials. 2. …

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Tourism in Pakistan: 16 National Monuments of Pakistan

Tourism in Pakistan National Monuments of Paksitan

In 1997, there were nine National Monuments in Pakistan according to Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency (PEPA). As of 2016, there are eleven National Monuments of Pakistan. Almost four hundred places by provincial governments and three hundred places by the federal government have been declared by as protected and national monuments areas. However, officially there are eleven monuments while there are many other places as well that are also treated as national monuments. In Pakistan government is striving to furtherance the system of protected areas for the protection of monuments, archaeological sites, buildings, endangered species, habitats, and ecosystems. Protected areas in Pakistan can be broadly categorized into two sections; they are ecosystems and archaeological & cultural sites. In Pakistan, there already …

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Pak Army Ranks Vs Pak Navy Ranks Vs Pak Air Force Ranks – Pak Armed Forces Inter Services Ranks


Pakistan Armed Forces is the collective name of three main inter-services armed branches of Pakistan. It comprises Pakistan Army (land based service branch) Pakistan Navy (naval warfare branch) and Pakistan Air Force (aerial warfare branch). Some Strategic Plans Division (SPD) and paramilitary forces are operating under each inter-service branch. Alongside chiefs of staff of all these inter-services, the chain of command rests with Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Committee. In the case of emergency, war or operation, all these branches work together under the Joint Staff HQ. Manpower of Pakistan Armed Forces Available for military service 48,453,305 males, age 16–49 (2010 est.), 44,898,096 females, age 16–49 (2010 est.) Fit for military service 37,945,440 males, age 16–49 (2010 est.), 37,381,549 females, age 16–49 (2010 est.) Reaching military age annually …

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Institute of Space Technology Islamabad Admission and Ranking


Institute of Space Technology also written as IST is the only public research institute in the country with the primary focus on the study and education of aerospace engineering, astronomy, and astronautics. After advancement in space science, Pakistan also decided to establish a dedicated institute and for that purpose, IST Islamabad came into being in 2002. Since then the Institute has been offering programs in the followings: Aerospace Engineering Avionics Engineering Electrical Engineering Materials Science & Engineering Mechanical Engineering Space Science According to IST: IST’s aim is to provide the state-of-the-art training facilities that will enable IST students to acquire hands-on experience, an acute requirement in the professional world. With that in mind, IST’s notable achievements over the past year …

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Children Kidnapping in Punjab on Rise

Children kidnapping in Punjab on Rise

All over the Pakistan, incidents in which hundreds of children were removed from their homes were silenced for years. But once again, child abduction has been started again in the province of Punjab especially in developed areas. There are many families in Punjab that are still searching fir their loved ones that were deliberately kidnapped for past few days. However, it is not the first time that it is going to happen. Most of the people are linking this phenomenon with the deportation of Afghanistan from Pakistan. In past, child kidnaping cases also raised whenever authorities considered deporting Afghan refugees from the country. Well till now, approximately one thousand children have been missing from all over Punjab with Lahore most …

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How to Share Internet Volume from Zong to Zong

How to Share Internet Volume from Zong to Zo

Now you can transfer internet data from your Zong number to another Zong number. It is very easy to share internet data with others, and that is just like balance transfer from one mobile number to another one. The internet data can be shared with your family and friends with Zong internet data sharing plan. Zong is offering the Zongers to share their internet data bundles with up to ten friends and family numbers. After sharing internet data, all members can enjoy the internet with uninterrupted internet browsing, surfing, and online gaming. It is sufficient that one person buys the data share bundle, whereas all the added group members can enjoy it without any changes as long as they subscribed …

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Online Bakra Mandi Pakistan 2016: Buy Bakra, Dumba, Cow & Camel for Eid Qurban 2016


With the development of technology and then the easy availability of websites, most of the business owners have started to sell their products. Maybe it surprise you, but it is true that most of the cattle owners are selling bakra, dumba, cow, camel and other Qurbani animals over the internet. Now in Pakistan, while setting at your home, you can make an online booking for bakra, dumba, camel, etc. for sacrifice at Eid ul Azha for Qurbani in Pakistan. Qurbani is one of the most important parts of Islamic values and Muslims across globe sacrifice animals on first three days of Eid Qurbani. They do so in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH). Some animal sellers are selling online these animals …

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Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2016: Reaction over Twitter about Punishments and Explanations

Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2016 Reaction over Twitter about Punishments and Explanations

The National Assembly on this day of August 11, 2016, has completed the procedure of passing out Pakistan Cyber Crime Bill 2016. The Bill passed by both houses of Parliament, Senate, and National Assembly. Step by step and will now call as Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016. Before going through Act, it is important to describe its three main clauses that are: It extends to the whole of Pakistan It shall apply to every citizen of Pakistan wherever he may be and also to every other person for the time being in Pakistan It shall also apply to an act committed outside Pakistan by any person if the act constitutes an offence under this Act and affects a person, …

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Tourism in Pakistan: 27 National Parks in Pakistan You Must Visit Once

Tourism in Pakistan 26 National Parks in Pakistan You Must Visit Once

Pakistan is listed among those few countries that hosts a wide range of habitat types and ecosystem. The country that is known for its unique geographical and climatic conditions also hosts almost twenty six national parks. At one side, the Greenland hosts permanent snowfields, snow covered peaks and lush green and on other side it is a place of forests, barren mountains, riverine tracts, irrigated plains, coastal areas and deserts. In a nutshell, each corner of this country is worth to see and explore. National parks is considered to be one of the most important activities in modern day government system. For the conservation of precious natural places in the country, Pakistan government declares some specific areas as the protected …

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