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Yajooj Majooj Reality and their Story

Yajooj and Majooj

ALLAH made a nation named Yajooj and Majooj. In the early stages they were free. King Zulqarnian imprisoned up behind an important wall. They’re even now imprisoned these days, and will be released near the Day of Judgement. They’ll come out and develop a lots of difficulty. Their population is 10 times larger than the earths population. We all know ...

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Tibet Snow Cream Review

Beauty Cream Tibet Snow

Firstly, the smell: unique to those who have used it as well as entirely heavenly. It smells such as an old-fashioned rose garden – extremely powdery as well as floral. Unfortunately it goes away rather quickly, but I would always recommend you pass this one by if you are sensitive to smell. I could wash in the stuff. It fragrances ...

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Mawra Hocane And Alia Bhatt Together For Something Extraordinary


Bollywood movie star Alia Bhatt and also Mawra Hocane who’s also a Pakistani star get injured too early when they’re on the top of their filmi career. Self proclaimed workaholic Mawra Hocane  get herself injured on set. Alia Bhatt seems to have taken her yoga exercise routine a bit too far. Both shared photos of their injured parts on Instagram ...

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Showbiz Stars Who Left Showbiz & Turned to Religion

Showbiz stars turned to religion

These superstars of Pakistani drama and music industry earned a lot of name and fame through showbiz but ultimately turned to religion. It shows us that true way to live life is according to our religion Islam. Sara Chaudhry After working in showbiz industry for 11 years, Sara Chaudhry said goodbye to it and now she is known as a ...

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PEPCO Website Hacked by Pakistani Hackers

PEPCO defaced Page screen shot.

PAKISTAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY aka PEPCO comes under Wapda has been hacked by Pakistani hackers to take revenge and show their anger towards Wapda and PEPCO. Following is screen-shot taken at the time of hacking done. That’s the separate discussion whether this is justifiable or not but that actually made its impact and all of the local media has given ...

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Baadshah Pehalwan Khan Challenges Great Khali

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan

Baadshah Pehalwan Khan has shown intent to fight two former WWE Indian Superstars named The Great Khali and Jinder Mahal. “I want to make history in professional wrestling by doing a Pakistan vs India match like in cricket. It was not done before. First time ever, Pakistan vs India in pro-wrestling, 2 billion people will be excited to see this ...

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Men Hairstyles for Broad Shoulders

Broad Shoulders

Men together with broad shoulder muscles generally consider themselves blessed. But usually we see them make style disasters out of themselves! For the reason that they do not use body shape outfits to compliments their own assets. Outfits for broad shoulder muscles have to be such that they slimmer your very best part but if you over do it then ...

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Shaista Lodhi Second Marriage with Cousin

Shaista Lodhi second marriage

Shaista Lodhi announced her second marriage on Twitter a couple of days ago. She was in foreign for the last few months after her controversial morning show with Veena Malik and Asad Bashir. She along with Veena and Asad were alleged of blasphemy and all three had to flee Pakistan due to the uproar by people of Pakistan. Despite announcement ...

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Send Money by Easy Paisa


Telenor currently introduced a service named ‘Money Transfer’ under the banner ad of Easy Paisa, through which almost any Pakistani resident can shift Money across the state through 4,000 outlets. This article will explain the procedure and also ways included in sending/receiving cash via Money Transfer. To Deliver Money via Easy Paisa ‘Money Transfer’ The Sender must bring and give ...

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Avoid The Harshness Of Sun This Summer


We know that the season of the summers is almost here now, why are we afraid of the summer, there are actually so many reasons for that. Not only living in Pakistan makes it a little bit difficult to cope with but also Pakistan is one of those countries that receive the most rays of the sun, which makes the ...

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PTCL 100Mbps Broadband in 20,000 Rupees Only

PTCL 100Mbps Package Announced

Yesterday PTCL announced the new pricing plans for its DSL broadband packages. The prominent change in price is seen in packages with high speeds. According to PTCL these price cuts are in line with PTCL’s vision of equipping internet users of Pakistan with highest possible DSL broadband speed. More than 2000 cities are benefiting from PTCL DSL broadband throughout Pakistan ...

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‘’Tune.Pk’’ Wiki Who Is Behind This Video Site?

tune logo-app

Tune. pk is an advanced website with some special features designed to share the different type of videos. User by making is account after providing some required information can share or upload the videos on this website. History: As its name showing link of this website with Pakistan . This website is based in Sialkot a well-known city of Pakistan. ...

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11 Pret Lawn Alternatives in Pakistan


This is summer season, and the first choice of every girl is to look pretty, cool and remarkable. These days every thing is in fashion perhaps it is a shoe collection or jewelry everyone needs is to buy unique and fashionable products. Every person wants beauty and variety, for this purpose many textile this mills, clothing brands and fashion designers ...

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Top 10 Worst Inventions of All Time Ever

baby cage

1. Anti-Eating Face Mask Anti-Eating Face Mask Not more declining diet programs! Only band this steel cage to your head and stuffing your face with biscuits might be not possible. Breathing and talking can be tough also however a little price to pay for a trimmer waistline. As a reward, the item increases because the face mask for a Hannibal ...

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Bigg boss 8 Most Searched and Popular TV program of 2014 in Pakistan


Bigg Boss has honor to be among of 8 most searched and popular TV program of 2014. It is most popular television reality base show that broadcast on Indian channel. It has same idea as Big Brother TV show has. That was produced in the Netherlands, Bigg Boss has completed its 8 Seasons successfully. It is presented by Salman Khan ...

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