Wednesday , September 28 2016

How to Get New/Renew Computerized Arms License Cards from NADRA


Federal Ministry of Interior and NADRA have joined hands together for the issuance of a secure and reliable system for the issuance of Computerized Arms License Cards. The new regime that has been introduced by the NADRA will replace the old booklets system with a highly secure PVC Card. The new License for Possession of Fire Arm is convenient to carry just like a credit card. The best about this smart card based license card is that it is backed up by Verisys for the verification of the applicant’s particulars. This card is not the ordinary one as it has been made foolproof and highly secure by the addition of multiple strong encryption and security of features. This card additionally …

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General Raheel Sharif Retirement: Who Will be Pakistan’s Next Army Chief?


Pakistan Chief of Army Staff (COAS) is going to retire in November 2016 and who will be the next Pak Army Chief is a question that is a hot debate now. Giving the satisfying answer of that question is difficult. Even the defense and political analyst are not sure to favourite any one to get the position of Pak Army Chief. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will make it sure that the next Army Chief should be trustworthy. It will be the fifth time that Nawaz Sharif will appoint Pak Army Chief. In the past, four Army Chiefs selected by PM Nawaz were General Asif Janjua (1991), General Waheed Kakar (1993), General Pervez Musharraf (1998) and General Raheel Sharif (2013). …

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How to Use MCB Debit Card for Online Shopping and Payments


There is good news for those Pakistani internet users who are found of online shopping or by any means are required to make online payments. Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) in Pakistan is offering its debit card holders to enjoy their card for online shopping, payments or any other kind of online transaction. According to a press release issued the MCB, this new feature is now by default part of its debit card services however the holders are required to go through an activation process to enable the service on their debit card account. So, if you have MCB Debit Card and want to make online shopping or payment, then you are first required to send an activation request to get …

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Allied Bank Launches Pakistan’s First PayPak Debit Card


Allied Bank Pakistan has launched PayPak card that seems to be the local version of PayPal. It is a locally switched card that has no dependency on any international payment schemes at all. With Allied PayPak Debit Card the customers of ABL can conduct retail and purchase transactions in addition to ATM transaction. However, this debit card can be used within of Pakistan only. The best about Allied PayPak Debit Card is that all purchase transactions made through this are PIN based that will ensure the enhanced security. Launching Allied PayPak Debit Card.For details, please visit : https://t.co/lQF1eKzdV7 pic.twitter.com/rLHSlfuBXB — Allied Bank Limited (@ABLpk) September 24, 2016 Allied PayPak Debit Card is available in two variants: ABL Debit PayPak Classic …

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Pakistan Ranked 36th in Happy Planet Index 2016


Lack of democracy, corruption, inadequate availability of necessities and despite crushing by the inefficient rulers for past seventy years the people of Pakistan know how to live happily and how to manage a smile even for a while. The recently released report by the United Kingdom-based New Economic Foundation (NEF) has placed Pakistan at 36th position in its annual report of World Happiness Report. “Pakistan achieves a Happy Planet Index Score of 31.5 and ranks of 36th of all the countries analysed”, a note on the website of Happy Planet Index states. It worth to mention here that Pakistan HPI position is better than Finland, New Zealand, Iceland, France, Ireland, and Germany. “The Happy Planet Index measures what matters: sustainable …

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Computerized Driving Test System in Punjab to Launch Soon


City Traffic Police Lahore is going to take a step towards the launching of computerized driving testing system across Punjab Province. This test will be for the car drivers where car drivers will be required to pass the test on car simulator rather than actual cars. The new system has been already approved by the Government of Punjab and Lahore will be the first city in Punjab to get that facility centers. Talking to the media about this new initiative, Chief Traffic Officer Tayyab Hafeez Cheema said, “According to this new system, citizens would give their driving test through a computerized as well as biometric system in every test center across the city.” He also examined the newly established E-Driving …

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Toll Tax Rates on Motorways and National Highways 2016


Two leading road management authorities in Pakistan namely Frontier Works Organisation and National Highway Authority (NHA) have silently increased the toll tax rates and are now shifting the burden on each other. No authority is ready to accept the responsibility. One the other side without getting any prior notice, commuters are liable to pay almost double amount than before as a toll tax rates. After this silent increase without any prior notice where no official authority is accepting the responsibility, people took to the social media platforms and raised the questions. The matters have also been raised by the Senator Kamil Ali Agha in Senate Standing Committee where he took the narrative that it had been a continuous increase in …

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Momina Mustehsan Secretly Get Engaged With Ali Naqvi?


Momina Mustehsan might have secretly gotten engaged. Rumors are flying over social media platform that Coke Studio singer Momina Mustehsan have secretly engaged with Ali Naqvi. Momina Mustehsan via her official Twitter account negated the news of her engagement. I’m not engaged to anyone, guys. Relax! — Momina Mustehsan (@MominaMustehsan) September 15, 2016 However, all this started after someone posted the pic of Momina Mustehsan and fiancé Ali Naqvi standing in a private ceremony that is looking like an engagement ceremony. Ali Naqvi can be seen wearing Imam Zamin on his hand that is common among Muslims to be worn on special events to be protected against bad evils. Of Course, the fans of beautiful singer went into a frenzy …

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Top 10 Selling Motorcycles in Pakistan with Specs and Prices


If talk about the Pakistani automobile industry then motorcycle industry is still leading over the rest of vehicles being manufactured, assembled or imported in Pakistan. Thousands of people every year purchase the motorbikes. Overall ratio states that eight out of fifteen Pakistanis holds personal motorcycles. Pakistani automobile industry has been growing area in the country for a long time. However, it is not as much greater and well-established as compared to the world’s leading automotive industry. It is not producing 100 to 170 thousand motorcycles annual but still successfully meeting the demand of domestic market. At present, there are almost nineteen motorcycles manufactured in Pakistan with Atlas Honda having the over the fifty percent share. Here are the top selling …

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Punjab MTMIS: Online Vehicle Registration and Verification System to Get Owner Details


With the development in the field of technology and communication, public sectors departments have been continuously moving towards e-government system. Pakistan is also among those countries where e-government system is gradually making place along with manual ways of working. In fact, e-government system us now the priority areas of the national IT policy and Action Plan. With the aim of accommodating the citizens of Punjab province, Excise Department of Punjab has introduced Motor Transport Information Management System using which any person can get the vehicle records and related field operations to reduce hassle. Punjab Information Technology Board has developed the new management and controlling system that improved the existing practices in such a manner that multiple queries may help to …

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Zong Shandaar Haftawar Offer Subscription Code, Charges, Validity


Zong always brings the best offers for its subscribers either prepaid or postpaid. This time, Zong has again proved that it will maintain its that attitude toward the easiness of its subscribers. Zong that had launched the Zong Shandaar Haftawar Offer is doing well as compared to its rest of Zong Weekly Offers. Zong Shandaar Haftawar Offer is for those Zong subscribers who want to enjoy unlimited minutes, SMSs and lighting speed internet. Now they can enjoy all these for Rs. 75 + tax only. Have a glance on what you are going to avail under Zong Shandaar Haftawar Offer Zong to Zong Minutes – 1,000 Zong to Other Network Minutes – 50 SMS – 1,000 Internet – 350 MBs …

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BMW X1 Launched in Pakistan: Specs, Features, Price & Pics


The second generation compact crossover BMW X1 has been launched in Pakistan by Dewan Motors. It is the same model that was initially launched by BMW worldwide in 2009.  Just like BMW X1 running on global roads, the model that is being available in Pakistan by Pakistani dealer is also based on rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive configurations. Based on sports activity, BMW X1 will offer the BMW lovers endless excitement. It will thrill them at every turn. Just imagine the power of 228 horses barreling down the highway that you will get in BMW X1. It simultaneously delivers the optimal balance of acceleration and fuel consumption. It worth to mention here about the powerful engine and intelligent chassis. BMW X1 contains …

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India-Pakistan War Tension: Pakistan Air Force Aircrafts Exercises on Motorway [Video]


The tension between Pakistan and India is increasing day by day after the incident of Uri Attack in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK). India is planning for strategical strikes and accomplished the first stage of cold start doctrine. But Pakistan is not silent over this entire situation. Pak Army has warned the people living near Lahore and Sialkot Borders to leave the areas to a safe place. Red flags have been hoisted to warn not to cross the line of control at any cost. On the other hand, Pakistan Air Force has started annual combat exercises on Peshawar, Islamabad, and Lahore Motorways. These are about emergency landing and overtake in the case of war and emergency situations. Pakistan Air Force Aircrafts …

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How to Activate 4G LTE on Samsung Galaxy, QMobile, HTC, Android & iPhone?


If you have been already using smartphone or tablet or have got the new one, then your next question will be how to use 4G LTE internet on your device. Our readers know better that 4G LTE service is being offered in Pakistan since the introduction of 3G internet in the country. Well before inquiring about how to enable 4G LTE in smartphones or tablets to make it sure your device support for 4G LTE, the cellular service provider that you are using is providing 4G LTE services and 4G LTE service is available in your area. If the answer to all these three questions is yes, then you can enjoy the 4G LTE service on your smart device. Here …

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How To Monetize YouTube Videos In Pakistan? Step by Step Guide


Finally, Google stepped in Pakistani market with bringing YouTube with it for allowing Pakistanis to monetize their videos. Anyone living in Pakistan who is using YouTube Partner Program can avail this service to monetize videos on his channel and earn a handsome amount from revenue. In past, Pakistanis content creators were not allowed to monetize the videos they have uploaded on YouTube. But now there is a chance for Pakistanis to avail this marvelous opportunity of YouTube as well. For the information of the readers, only original videos are eligible for monetization and anti-videos are not allowed for monetization. Before taking our discussion to further level first, you need to enable your channel for monetization. Step 1: How to Enable …

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