Waqar Zaka’s Over the Edge 2016 All Episodes So Far


HTV presentation and one of the most popular Pakistani reality shows host by Waqar Zaka is doing well so far. The show is breaking the record of past few reality shows and auditions based competition held in the country. The aggressive and helping Waqar Zaka is uplifting his show all the time. Waqar Zaka has designed the overall challenges of Over the Edge. Over the Edge is not organising in Pakistan for the first time. It has been organizing since 2002. Up to now, ten seasons of the reality show have been completed. At some point in the show, he found helping and motivating the others and at some points he is very extreme on those making fool the others. Those …

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PTCL EVO CharJi Packages and Coverage Area


CharJi EVO is the new level of internet experience by the PTCL that allow the customers of the PTCL to enjoy a news level of wireless broadband internet. PTCL that is said to be the first one in the county to offer 3G EVO Wingle is also doing well in the CharJi EVO as well. CharJi EVO can be said as the most modern version of the broadband internet system of PTCL as well. The CharJi EVO of PTCL is for those internet users who want to enjoy the internet for all purpose on blazing fast speed. It is simply the advanced form of 3G networks and you will get even five times fasters internet speed than 3G networks. PTCL …

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US SEC Charges Pakistani Nauman Ali With Manipulating Stock Exchange


The United States Stock Exchange Commission has accused Pakistan IT company owner Nauman Aly of manipulating the IT related stock. Pakistani Nauman Aly has manipulated the US Stock Exchange by manipulating the price of Integrated Device Technology Inc. According to US SEC, Aly announced a fraudulent scheme by manipulating the price of public-traded securities by filing false information on the Commissions’ public database. Ally executed this scheme from Pakistan and used it to obtain at least close to half a million dollars in ill-gotten gains. The case has been registered against Nauman Ali. Here is the summary of the case by US SEC:- On April 12, 2016, Aly acquired a large block of out-of-the-money call options in Integrated Device Technology, …

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Sarcasmistan Facebook Memes and Covers


Sarcasmistan is one of the best Pakistani sources that deliver the memes and memes based Facebook covers. The memes and covers of the Sarcasmistan will make you laugh with funny pictures, images and memes that it publishes on its Facebook official page and official websites regularly. The memes by the Sarcasmistan are free to download, share and can be used for adding caption and posting over the other platforms. To provide its visitors with the best local memes Sarcasmistan has the giant collection of the coolest and most requested meme images. The official Facebook page has currently half millions fans. In addition to sharing funny and entertaining memes, Sarcasmistan has now started to share the news and other materials as …

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15 Reasons Why Pakistani Brothers are the Best Friends


Without any doubt, siblings have a significant impact on the development and grooming of children and their personalities. Having a brother and especially Pakistani brother is probably an incredible opportunity that most of the people living in Pakistan have no had. The Pakistani styled brothers changed the lives of their siblings for the better. Whether it is their love and help of their violence and mood swings, their presence is always appreciated. Here are the reasons why having a Pakistan brother is best in all circumstances. 1. He taught you how to compete. 2. He loves you unconditionally, even knowing all your faults and flaws 3. He Goes Out Of His Way For You 4. He Actually Listen To Your Advice 5. …

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Vehicle Registration Number Plates In Pakistan: Comprehensive Guide


Registration of vehicles or vehicle registration plates of motor vehicles in Pakistan come under the jurisdiction of the respective territories and provinces. Eight types of number plates are being used in the country. Registration of number plates is itself considered as the registration of number plates in Pakistan. In fact it is one of the major sources of income for the excise and custom authorities working in the respective provinces and territories. Vehicle Registration Number Plates in Punjab Documents required for Motor Vehicle Registration ( New and Post Registration Transaction ) (Locally Manufactured Vehicles) In case of registration in the name of original purchaser Application for registration of vehicle – Form-F. Copy of National Identity Card of Owner (In case …

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TCS COD (Cash on Delivery) Service


The trend of online shopping is increasing in Pakistan. With the increasing number of demand for online shopping and trading, the numbers of fraudulent are also increasing. Now the buyers in Pakistan like to go for shopping with those online retailers offering cash on delivery (COD) service. For the assistance of the online retailers, TCS is offering its COD services making these retailers send the goods to the customers and get cash on behalf of the TCS. TCS Ecom Solutions is a product catering to the needs of all aspirational E-Retailers who want the quick flow of goods to their customers. From simple shipment preparation to seamless last mile deliveries, TCS Ecom Solutions offers a complete range of services including …

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Honda Civic 2016-2017 Launch Date and Price in Pakistan


Pakistan is ready to get the 10th generation version of the Honda Civic in December of the running year. It will be the fine combination of design and technology as promised by the Honda each to its fans. The new model of Honda Civic that has been already launched in most of the countries will make the debut on the Pakistani roads on December 2016. It is really a monster as can be seen the picture of the items launched in some countries. The dynamic and new shape that has always been the mastery work of Honda and then the addition of LED lighting has really made the Civic and distinctive Civic that will give a new impressive look. Till …

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Pakistan Ranks 50th in QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings


The higher education system in Pakistan needs various improvements and developments. The higher education system of the country is mainly affected by the issues like quality of education, access to the overall higher education, relevance of studies and governance system. Keeping in view the all parameters mentioned above QS Worldwide University Rankings has placed the Pakistan at the 50th position that is the last position in its recent publication of QS Higher Education System Strength Rankings 2016. The country is poorly performing regarding the system, access, flagship and economic. Overall ranking score of higher education system in Pakistan is 9.2. The countries with no proper higher education system are doing will than Pakistan. United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Lebanon, Estonia, Kazakhstan, …

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Hamza Ali Abbasi to Host Aaj TV’s Ramzan Hamara Emaan with Aisha Khan


The holy month of Ramazan in Pakistan is just round the corner. The fasting in Pakistan will be from June 07, 2016 (Tuesday) to next twenty or thirty days. The commercialization on Pakistani TV channels in the holy month of Ramadan will be on high. Every leading TV channel in Pakistan will be doing special Ramzan transmissions that will be surely hosted by the renowned celebrities to attract more viewers. Just like other TV channels. Aaj TV is also going to organize exclusive Ramadan transmission that will be hosted by the two renowned Pakistani showbiz celebrities. Aaj TV has chosen Hamza Ali Abbasi and Ayesha Khan. Both being the renowned artist to host Ramzan Hamara Emaan, their special Ramzan program …

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Ramzan 2016 SMS, Wallpaper, Sehri & Iftari Dua


Ramzan that is also translated as Ramadan is one of the four sacred months of Islamic calendar. It is the ninth month if Islamic calendar that is best known for fasting for twenty to thirty days subject to duration of moon. It is regarded as one of the Five Pillars of Islam with Kalma, Namaz, Zakat and Hajj. In Ramzan, fasting or Roza is obligatory for adult Muslims with the exceptions for those travelling, suffering from illness, pregnant, elderly, breastfeeding or any other acceptable excuses by Sharia. In Pakistan, first fast is expected to be on June 07, 2016 (Tuesday). Ramzan 2016 Sehri & Iftari Dua Ramzan 2016 Sehri Dua Ramzan 2016 Iftari Dua Ramzan 2016 SMS I Hope I Am The …

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What is PTCL Speed Test, How to Use it?


Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL) in collaboration with Okala Speedtest has launched a system for PTCL internet users to check the speed of their internet. The service named “PTCL Speed Test” is a highly customizable system that provides the users those tools that let them to measures network throughput, latency, downloading speed, uploading speed, packet loss and scan for firewalls ports as well. Here is the procedure for checking how fast your broadband connection is. Easily test and then compare it to other internet connections. Move to the official website of PTCL Speed Test from here. Click on Begin Test and it will start evaluating you internet performance. It will test the latency, download speed and upload speed step by step. That you …

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Pakistani Missiles vs. Indian Missiles: India Still Not Able to Defend itself


After allocating and expending the billion rupees and getting the cooperation from Russia and Israel, India is still one decade away to defend Pakistani missiles in case of sudden war. Russian defense & nuclear analyst and the senior researcher of Carnegie Moscow Centre, Peter Topychkanov has said, “Even in ten years and with the huge budgets that India plans to spend on the development of nuclear weapons and capabilities, it is difficult to imagine it will be able to defend its territory from possible strikes from Pakistan in case of conflict.” It worth to mention here that India is currently in partnership with Israel and Russia to enhance its ballistic missile systems. India needs Russian S400 Defense System to furtherance …

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Beyond CPEC; China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) for New World.


Chinese are known for their highest intelligent trading approach. The example of that can be seen from the initiative of China recent mega project in Pakistan by the name of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project. The rival countries of Pakistan and China are too much worried about this mega initiative that is considered as one of the biggest investment ever made by China in Pakistan. Its worth is $45 billion. CPEC will connect the Gwadar of Pakistan at one end with Xin Jiang of China at another end. It will open the new window of trade for the China. The CPEC will make the China able to get access to the South Asian, Middle East and African countries. To connect all …

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Dr. Ayesha Hussain Crosses Snake Through Nose & Mouth in Waqar Zaka’s Over the Edge Show


In an ongoing audition for the Waqar Zaka’s show Over the Edge, a brave girl Dr. Ayesha presented a very dangerous audition by putting a live snake up and out of the mouth. It was an eye-watering performance by this girl who presented a very dangerous act of inserting live snakes into her nostrils and pulling it out of her mouth. The Waqar Zaka gave the task to the girl who was claiming about doing anything. However, the way she was doing was not looking something new for her. She did it very smartly that was enough to prove she had already done it before. Well, there is hue and cry over the social media platforms. According to most of …

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