World Economic Forum Report 2016: Pakistan is Lagging in Human Capital


Another achievement has got by the Green Country from the end of the list. The recently released report The Human Capital Report 2016 by the World Economic Forum clearly stating that Pakistan is best at wasting talent and resources. The way of indexing by WEF is reasonable that is based on education, employment and workforce dynamics and in all these sectors, over performance is unluckily very miserable. In term of education, we have a lot of universities with low-quality education (not same for all universities operating in Pakistan), the rate of unemployment is very high, and it is increasing and in term of the workforce, we also have unprofessional and unskilled people in the line. All these factors collectively make …

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Eid al-Fitr 2016 in Pakistan – Things to Do to Make Eid Remarkable

Eid in Pakistan

At one side the month Ramadan brings blessing and give use the opportunity to come close to Almighty Allah and at the other end there comes Eid al-Fitr that is the reward by Allah to his believer against their struggle in Ramadan they did to seek the blessing of their Owner. Most of using few with certain traditions that we regularly do on Eid and that is eaten, eat and only eat, but if you are looking for something great to make great, then we have few ideas for Eid eve and Eid day. 1. Clean and Decorate the Home Often the women of the house clean and decorate the house before the men return from Eid prayers. Try to …

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Facebook is Not Going Make Anything Public


You may have noticed the following message being shared over the Facebook for past few days. The Pakistani community is mostly sharing this status. Here is the status that you may have noticed on the timeline of your friends: “I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or posts, both past, and future. By this statement, I give notice to Facebook it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, or take any other action against me based on this profile and its contents. The content of this profile is private and confidential information. The violation of privacy can be punished by law (UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute)” …

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2016 Eid al-Fitr Holidays in Pakistan


We all like to have maximum holidays on Eid either it is al-Fitr or al-Adha. The reason behind is that it make us able to plan better for our holidays and spend some time on other points. If vermicelli is the desserts of Eid, then holidays are the real Soghat of this important day. According to sources, Federal entities has approved Eid al-Fitr holidays starting from 28 of Ramadan 1437 Hijri years, corresponding to Tuesday, July 05, with work resuming on Monday, July 11, 2016. The six days holiday is counting the Sunday weekly off that is on the last day of Eid al-Fitr. Meanwhile, the government is also reconsidering to minimize the already allotted holidays to the banking sector. …

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How to Re-Verify NADRA CNIC & Family Tree via SMS

How to Re-Verify NADRA CNIC & Family Tree via SMS

It seems National Action Plan is working properly as the NADRA has taken another step to get detailed verification of the registered family members of yours. It is a way to check who the part of your family is. In the case of inclusion of a non-relevant person in the family tree, you can instantly send the report to NADRA as well. Along with Family Tree Verification, NADRA has also started the re-verification of CNIC by way of SMS as well.  Family Tree Verification service has started by NADRA while the CNIC re-verification will be officially operational from the next month. NADRA formally launched drive for reverification of registered families — Radio Pakistan (@RadioPakistan) June 26, 2016 How to …

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Withdrawal and All Banking Transactions Taxes in 2016-2017


After the approval of Finance Bill 2016 from the National Assembly of Pakistan, still, for many Pakistanis, it is not clear what the withdrawal is withholding tax on all banking transactions for the year 2016-17. Well the SRO at this moment issued by the Federal Board of Revenue has clearly stated that the withholding tax rate on withdrawal from the banking system above Rs. 50,000 will be applicable at the rate of 0.4 percent. The rate will be applicable till June 30, 2016. However, Finance Ministry is considering extending the rate to 0.6 percent that will take effect on July 01, 2016 if approved. Current withholding tax on all type of withdrawal from the banking system would be 0.4 percent …

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Download SEPCO Duplicate Electricity Bill


SEPCO stands for Sukkur Electric Power Company. Just like other leading electric supply companies in Pakistan, SEPCO has also introduced the system for getting the duplicate copy of the consumer bill from its official website. The consumers of SEPCO can view the copy of their recent month bill and can download the same as well. The bill generated from the official website of SEPCO by all means will be treated as original one for the purpose of paying the recent month bill. In order to get the duplicate bill of SEPCO of the recent month you are only required to provide the following details: Provide the reference number of your electricity meter and click on the submit button. You will …

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What Brexit Mean to Pakistan? Impact and Implications


Those British people who were planning for past many years to separate their paths from the Europe Union have been succeeded in getting their aim. Now after the referendum, with almost 52% people consensus in Britain separation from EU, Britain is too some extent bound to complete the legal formalities as early as possible. After that major change in Europe, over Desi Pakistan Bhai are little worried about what is going on in Wilayat. Technically being a Pakistan, it will not affect you at all and if there will be then these affects will be world wide and secondly if you were living in any country of the European Union or the United Kingdom then there will be some effects …

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100+ Mehndi Designs for Hands and Feet

Mehndi Designs for Hands and Feet

Henna or Mehndi is said to be one of the most integral parts of almost every female life. When it comes to Asian or women of the sub-continent, then it is the must have an element of fashion. Without it, the women can’t think of going to any function or party. Pakistan, Indian and most of the Arabic countries are three places where it is custom to use henna on most of the regional, culture and religious events. Indo-Pak and Arabic women like to apply henna on hands and feet on the occasion of Eid. Kids also take part in this activity, and moms like to decorate the little hands of an angel by using henna as well. This oldest …

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Qandeel Baloch Interview and Wiki Bio

Qandeel Baloch Personal Profile

Qandeel Baloch Personal Profile Real Name: Fouzia Azeem Date of Birth: November 15, 1990 Father Name: Malik Azeem Siblings: Four Brothers From: Bastti Mahiira, Shah Saddar Deen, Dera Ghazi Khan From last few months, Qandeel Baloch has been continuously dominating over the social media platforms because of her controversial issues. Most of the people are still unaware of the true reality of the model and social media sensation QB about from where she came and belonged actually. The social media drama queen who got popularity name from the name of Qandeel Baloch has original name Fouzia Azeem. Her father name is Malik Azeem and she belongs to the Mahiira family. She belongs to a Dera Ghazi Khan’s village Shah Saddar …

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After Selfies Qandeel Baloch Leaked Video with Mufti Abdul Qavi


The social media drama queen, Qandeen Baloch on Monday, took the social media by storm when she shared some selfies of her with Mufti Abdul Qawi. The selfies were demanded by the QB as said by Mufti Abdul Qawi in his recent interview. The environment was calm till selfies but now leaked video of QB with Mufti Sahab has created another blow. Qandeel Baloch Leaked Video with Mufti Abdul Qawi    The drama that was after the interviews of both on the Neo TV program Ajeeb Saa comes to end after a leaked video in which it can be clearly seen QB is sitting with Mufti Abdul Qawi taking selfies. Either there were, or they were not aware of the …

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Telenor Ramzan Daily Internet Offer: Get Unlimited Downloading & Streaming


To entertain its customers in the month of Ramazan, Telenor has introduced a catchy offer for its internet users. Now you can get the enjoyment of unlimited streaming and downloading in the rest of the days of Ramazan. According to Telenor, the customers of Telenor can avail the internet for one day for Rs. 13 inclusive of all taxes. It will be of 750 MB of internet only that according to the cellular company is just like the free internet for a day because the users can enjoy the best streaming, downloading and obviously the must-have element of the internet the chatting over the social media platforms. Telenor 3G Ramzan Daily Internet Offer is a daily basic subscription based offers …

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15 Biggest Shopping Malls in Pakistan


Pakistan is now booming for having the largest shopping malls in the sub-continent. These offers a unique shopping experience to the people living here. Every year a lot of new brand retail stores are getting space in these shopping malls. In this article, we have listed some biggest shopping malls in the country that are biggest according to the number of daily visitors and stores. 1. Centaurus Mall – Islamabad This shopping mall is located in the heart of Islamabad and one of the busiest shopping malls in the country. It is a mainly a thirty-six-floor hotel consisting five stories for shopping area and rest of twenty-three for residential and office purpose. 2. Safa Gold Mall – Islamabad Safa Gold Mall …

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Coke Studio 9 Singers List


One of the biggest music T series of the country is going to through significant changes in its singers and artist lines for the season 9. Every year Coca-Cola host this show in Pakistan. Starting in 2008, Coke Studio is now one of the most popular music shows in the country that annually hosts the leading singers, musicians, and artists of the country. Last year edition Coke Studio 8 was one of the most popular seasons in this history of Coke Studio. The best part of this music program is that it features the music of all types from traditional to the modern day. The focus of this program is more in the Pakistani music styles like qawwali, Sufi, folk, …

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Singer Annie Khalid is Expecting Baby Girl

Annie Khalid

The 29 year old singer Annie Khalid and her husband, Saad Ahmed Khan, are expecting their first child, confirmed by Annie Khalid via his recent post from her Facebook account.  In a recent post via his official Facebook account, the model and singer Annie Khalid said, “My friends and family hosted my baby shower yesterday and it was amazing! I felt so luck to have so many wonderful people in my life” While sharing this news with her fans, she advised the haters to not pass negative comments as she is sharing a special moment with her fans. She said she would appreciate it if the hatters could go and take a hike. It is baby girl that the singer …

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