After Piya Re, Mathira’s Another New Item Number Song

leaked Mathira-for-item-number

In past Mathira Mohammedis well known for controversies against her after Veena malik. Whether it is appearing in young boy video or condom ad. Mathira’s New Song ‘Jhoota’ After appearing in Tribute song for Adnan Sami Khan song Piya Re video, Mathira is ready to appear another item song. For Mathira Khan going topless wasn’t big issue for either. Piya ...

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Chamomile – A Tea with Benefits


Since the dawn of civilization, man is heavily relying on herbal raw and final products. However, for a while the domination of allopathic medicine is prevailing, but the use of herbal products is not optional but essential having near to zero side effects. Among several herbal plant, Chamomile or camomile, a daisy like plant, guarantees staggering amount of benefits. One ...

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Jinnah Park Peshawar, Stronghold of Underage Sex Workers

Sex Workers

Money, smartphones and valuable gifts are the things that are easily tempting the young and poor boys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in sexual activities and they are exploited by a huge number of people in the province. Jinnah Park Peshawar is acting as a stronghold for these young sex workers. Many stories are there but the main thing is how it ...

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Waqar Zaka went to see live WWE Wrestlemania 2015

WWE Wrestlemania 2015

The magic of WWE has surrounded the entire world but it is as popular in Pakistan like any other country of the world. The craze of WWE in Pakistan is not new but for the first time any Pakistani celebrity has visited the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 2015 and has been caught by the cameras. #WRESTLEMANIA #2015 Thank ...

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Second Green Revolution


Wheat is a vital food commodity and is staple food for more than 33% population of the world. The dependence of humongous amount of living things on this food item and ever increasing world’s population needs much more wheat to be produced. Efforts were made in boost up wheat production and a remarkable achievement named “Green Revolution” increased wheat productivity ...

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3 Bahadur Comic Series Launched by Waadi Animations

3 bahardur

Waadi Animations did marvelous job by taking initiative of making Pakistan’s leading creative animation film 3 Bahadur. Official trailer of 3 Bahadur is already been launched for this exclusive Animated Pakistani Film. This movie has superb quality with the amazing sound effects which made it even more interesting.Fans are eagerly waiting for the release of this 3D movie and everyone ...

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First-ever Solar Powered Luxury House of Pakistan

Solar powered house of Pakistan 3

First of its kind in Pakistan, Ali Naqvi is the owner of this house that runs entirely with the help of solar power. This house is situated in Karachi Defense Phase VIII. When Ali Naqvi was deciding to build this house, no electricity connection was offered in this area. He could have waited but instead of waiting, he decided to ...

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First-ever Litter Consuming Solid Waste Power Plant of Pakistan

Solid Waste Power Plant Peshawar

CECOS University and Directorate of Science and Technology, Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in a combined effort have successfully developed a steam power plant. The key feature of this power plant is that it makes use of solid waste materials dumped by the population on daily basis. Initially this power plant can produce 15 kilowatt electricity and 3.3 million rupees have been ...

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IBA Karachi launches Certificate Programs


(Institute of Business Administration) IBA Karachi launches its its certificate program and the launch date is 25-04-2015.These programs will be held in evening program office in CEE (Centre for Executive Education). Initially program is for degree holders with experience. Specifics of requirements can be confirm from department’s helpline. 40,000 PKR is required fee for each of these courses which will ...

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Modern Pakistani hi-tech Rickshaws with WiFi

paki rick

Even though it sound bit weird when Pakistani auto-mobile industry is progressing in very slow phase, with three generation old cars like Mehran a super hit car. No one really expects local Pakistani Taxis aka Rickshaws to be redesigned or renovated. But this has actually happened with 100 of them coming soon on roads of Pakistan. As per reports these ...

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3rd Hum TV Awards 2015 Nominations & Winners

3rd hum tv awards

First Hum TV Awards Winners list was a hit. 2015 is the year for third hum TV awards and they are going viral. Even though Pakistani industry is bit young for awards but still they have their impact and share of audience.   Currently we are posting nominees for the event, winner for the event will be shortly updated as soon they ...

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Ufone Super Inaami Offer 2015 for Everyone


Like Past Ufoneis going reward its customers again with launch of “Super Inaami Offer″. This promotion is mainly targeting the loyal customers to reward them. This offer is similar to ShahCar offer. This is to mobilize inactive Ufone customers as well. To avail this offer you need to recharge a minimum amount balance of Rs. 100+,  which will automatically enter you in Super Inami ...

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زن Zunn Showgirls of Pakistan Blocked Documentary [Video]

zunn stage dancers pakistan

Blocked trailer from controversial documentary زن  Zunn Showgirls of Pakistan is here. This documentary revels the truth about hidden stage dancers industry in Pakistan. A closer look into the lives of Pakistani showgirls in low-brow local entertainment. Even though we published about this film in past but trailer was deleted from entire internet. You can donate to the film’s post-production ...

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2 Pakistani Kids Become Youngest Certified Ethical Hackers

Ahmed and Masfeera

Ahmed and Masfeera, two kids from Lahore, Pakistan became world’s youngest certified ethical hackers. Both of them intend to protect ordinary users of Pakistan from cyber-crimes. Ahmed is only nine years old while his sister is just fourteen years old. Talking to media, Masfeera said that the government should support them and like them other children should be given the ...

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Vidpk banner is another YouTube Alternative video streaming website like based in Pakistan and it is launched by an Ex-Employee of the technology giant Google. Even though there are many hybrid YouTube parsing websites like, etc. but it does not fulfill users needs completely for localized platform. Recently celebrated its new theme and look at Regent Plaza ...

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